Saturday, November 21, 2009

Keys to a Successful Relationship

Listen to this topic and share your ideas.


Then, listen to this conversation on my Web site. What quality would help the man in his relationship with his wife?



  1. Hello there Randall and everyone,

    I think the two key qualities in a relationship to keep it alive are: 1. respect and 2. friendship. The latter seems to sound awkward, but I believe our wife (or husband) is indeed the best friend we have - someone we can(and should) always count upon not only in times of trouble, but also when everything appears to be running smoothly - someone we can confide in and always try to spend good quality time with.
    These two qualities are the foundations of my marriage. My wife and I have been living together for nearly 11 years now.

  2. This is an interesting topic indeed.
    I guess I would say those two qualities are respect and mutual trust.
    Of course I'd also add passion, emphathy, some independence within the couple (by this I mean not to spend the whole day with your partner, have interests of your own, etc).
    But you know better, Randall, since you're married.
    Share your views.
    Regards from Spain.

  3. Relationship is one of the complicated aspects of human life. A man's relationship with is wife is of more complicated nature due to high commitment requirement, emotional nature of the relationship and the very nature human being of being unsatisfied all the time. Although complicated, this relationship can be the most enjoyable one if managed in a proper way. All it needs is little bit of work from both sides.

    One of the qualities that are very important is honesty. Man mostly thinks “honesty” is thing that gets them in trouble in first place. However in my opinion, being honest from the first day of your relationship will ensure that you end up with someone who likes you for who you really are. Many people both men and women make the mistake of showing only the good side of their character at the start of the relationship. Sooner or later the real personality comes out and adds to the surprise of the partner. The expectation created from the early shiny behavior and the reality can easily tear apart a relationship. Moreover honest is not only important at the early stage of relationship but it needs to be the basis for it. If a man vows not to do anything that he cannot share with his wife, it is very unlikely that he would run into a trouble with his wife.

    The other quality that i feel very important is adaptability. When a man and a women move together it is common that each of them would want to do the same thing in different way. They may have different tastes for color, decoration or even simple things like what to watch on TV. Being adaptable means a man needs to respect the opinion of his wife and do things in a way that makes both of them happy. Of course there is no one solution to a problem and having the ability to look at the problem from someone else's eye can make things much smoother.

    There is no silver bullet to make a relationship work. Additionally it cannot work only if the man puts all the effort and the woman does nothing. A conjugal life can only be successful when both of them put real effort in staying together and making each other happy. At the end it is that feeling of pleasure and happiness coming for true love can keep them together.
    saif, Bangladesh

  4. Helping each other is very important, respecting partner and sense of humour too. And my husband gives me flowers more often than once in a blue moon.


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