Friday, May 12, 2017

Ultimate XC Moab 50K Trail Race

Back in 2008, I ran my first  50-km (31 mile) desert trail race in southern Utah, and it was a great experience. Even now, I'm not very fast, and I am always at the back of the runners, but it was a physical challenge to go up and down steep mountains and through sand. (You can see more pictures of this race at: What I enjoy about it most is that it can help people psychologically---that might sound strange, but when I am running, it feel less stress in life and I can think about how to solve other problems. So, what about you? What do you do to get rid of stress? Share your ideas.


This is a picture of me at about 30 kilometers into the race along the Colorado River in Utah.


  1. I do Transcendental Meditation to ease the stress. This technique has been enormousley benefitial for me and the best personal things I ever have had in my life.

    Transcedental Meditation help people to be more relax and focused on what they are doing. It decreases social behaviour and good attitude by doing regularly, every day and twice a day for twenty minutes.If you want to know more about TM, please see this website:

    I do Youga and some exercises as well. When I am doing these acitivities, I am happier and more energetic and have a good concentration on my works.

  2. I like running. it's a good exercise . when I feel tired, I go out to dinner and chatting with my close friends; sometimes sing song to ease my stress.

  3. I enjoy practicing golf and go camping. Actually, I want to go golfing but, it's not easy for me to do in Korea because my limited time and money doesn't allow me to go green often. So I just satisfied to do practice instead or go camping. Of course I rarely go golfing several times a year.
    There are many things I miss about living in UT, one of those would be to go camping.

  4. what is the trophy of this race? I really want you to share more photos that you took in this race if you have. did you go with your friends or some members in your family?

  5. It is a pretty beautiful place you visited. By the way, thanks so much for your sharing information of english study.

  6. Dear Randall,
    good evening.
    First, I would like to congratulate you for improving your great website.
    About Mt. Timpanogos, I have a doubt. According to your website, the correct answer for the question 3 is letter C. bear, moose, and big horn sheep. However, I believe the correct answer should be the letter B. deer, moose, and elk.
    By the way, do elks mean big horn sheep?
    Thank you so much for your attention and patience with somebody who has been working hard to learn English.

    God bless you.

    Questions: [ See Script ]

    1. How tall is Mt. Timpanogos?

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    C. 3,825 meters

    2. What information does Randall NOT talk about in the video?

    A. the length of the round-trip hike
    B. the duration of the hike
    C. the needed supplies for the hike

    3. People might see ______________ on the hike.

    A. elk, moose, and big horn sheep
    B. deer, moose, and elk
    C. bear, moose, and big horn sheep

    Score =
    Correct answers:


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