Thursday, May 11, 2017

Weight Loss: What is a healthy diet?

Many people want to lose weight for a variety of reason, and some of these people choose to go on a diet. But are all diet plans the same? How would you describe a "healthy" diet? What foods should you each? How often? How can you effectively combine exercise in such a diet? What have been your personal experiences in dieting and what has worked for you?

Please share your ideas.



  1. I want to share a great place where I always shop for organic and gluten free products. They have lots of great stuff.

  2. Hi, I just came across your site and think it's great. I will definately be using this with my students (in Hungary). Perhaps you would like to link to my blog desgned for teachers. Advice, games, mistakes etc.

    I will also be working on powerpoint presentations, maybe you would like to share these?

  3. I think there are two important ideas for people to lose weight: having healthy eating habits and doing regular exercises. Healthy eating habits include eating natural and nutritious foods, avoiding high-fat and artificial foods and not eating too much. Doing regular exercise helps your body to consume calory so you can lose weight more easily.

  4. thanks for your advice. I always paid organic foods with my father. It is more expensive but its provide us good healthy.

  5. I think that : to have a heathy body we need do excercise every morning for an hour,eat much fruit,avoid fatty food.A reserch give formations: If we walk about 30 minute a day,we rarely suffer from obesit,diabetets,cardiovascular diseas...So we walk everyday and eat a lot of fruit to have a strong body

  6. Hello Randall! My congratulations! You do the best site I ever seen. I have visit this site long ago. Well, I guess I can lose weight by doing exercises and eating balance food.It's not a magic recipe, but it works! Try swimming!

  7. Hi, I was one of those who concider themselves fat, but as I watched after that, Ifound out that so much people, I think, would like to be in my size, anyway,I'm going on a diet, not to lose weight , but to remain healthy, aspeople don't notice they're deteriorating in health till it's too late, my plan in diet is to eat every food component but in small quantities to give the body every element it needs but not more than required, also the healthy diet should have a corresponding excercises which plays a great role in regulating blood & systematic circulation.

  8. I am a happy grandMother and I am 70.
    I feel in a very good shape.
    I take a walk around my nice neighbourwood during almost 45 minutes 5 times a week.I improve my muscles by exercising my arms and more, sometine I lift weights.
    I eat vegetables and fruits, proteines and very few carbo.
    I love walking in parks and down the beaches.
    Catherine from France.

  9. I think Randall's idea is helpful for everyone who wanna start doing exercise. Maybe I'll start doing my exercise with your advice

  10. Hello,I can testify that healthy eating and doing regular exercises will help keep fit.

  11. We need a selfcontrol for everything.Exersise is an essential
    part to maintain a good health.Avoid the fatty food.Give preference to the naturel food.

  12. Hi! I'm Aminata.
    I think the most reason why people fail to lose weight is because they don't master the best way to do it properly and healthily but without to be hungry and weak.
    While you're losing weight, you should keep healthy, good shape, but lose weight step by step, not so fast in order to don't get the weight back.
    But how?
    The first step is some times to change totally lifestyle and diet. Eat more fruits and vegetable (five daily recommended).
    Eat more fiber par day (12 g) in the diet like whole grain and slow sugars. Leave white flour and junk food.
    Less sugar,salt and less fat in your meals.
    Eat light for dinner.
    Prefer water instead of other sweet liquids to allow your body to eliminate toxins.
    And, almost exercise at least 30 mn daily. But almost never eat more calories than you spend.
    Just retain that sedentariness is our worst enemy if we want to lose weight but also in any other way.

    Good buy

  13. Randall, congratulations for your teaching lessons. You are a great person!
    I think we need to stay health and in good shape forever. I like to run a little, about 5 km a day and go to gym lifting weights. I ride bicicle every weekend and it is so marvelous. Goodbye every your student!

  14. Your video is short,clear and powerful. It really convence me to do exercise. I will get up early and start my jogging.



  15. I run across this web site. I really enjoy your site.
    I think it's important to continue exercises so we need to choose the way we can continue and enjoy. I'm doing a exercise mashine at home everyday. If I do running outside,I'll stop running when the weather is bad.

  16. Hi there

    In order to stay fit I alwaya eat healthily, never stay up late, or get drunk. I also play basketball on Sundays with some friends. I try not to worry too much.

  17. I exercise regularly and eat healthily

  18. Firstly , I want to give thank you for this blog , regarding to because of the people wish to lose weight is for feel heath .

  19. Hi! I'm Kico again.
    In my mind, healthy diet is not the plan to eat less and exercise much. It is a balanced plan which include a good eating habit and regular physical exercises. According to Healthy Eating Pyramid, we should eat more cereals, like rice and beans, but cut back on the fatty food. It can help us to prevent from being obesity. A 30-60 minutes exercise can improve our cardiovascular system by doing at least three times a week.
    I am just a little bit fat that I do not think that I have to be on a diet. However, in order to keep myself in shape, sometimes I will go to ride with my friends along the sea. It's so enjoyable. =]

    From Hong Kong

  20. Thank you for this site, it's great, it can help a lot students like me.
    We are healthy when all parts of our bodies and our minds work together properly. We can't be happy unless we feel well. I think that healthy lifestyle should include: lack of bad habits, sports activity and a balanced diet.
    First of all, it's nutrition. It must be balanced on carbohydrates, protein and fat. It's essential to eat healthy food like fruits, vegetables, cereals, meet and fish. It's better to cut back on sweets, rolls, biscuits, chocolate and other sugar products. Moreover a person should drink a lot of water.
    The second point is sport. Currently we have a wide range of sport activity. And I’m agree with the idea of this movie that you should choose what you like best. Sport makes you stronger, keeps your fit and build up stamina.
    And finally, it’s positive thinking. It’s not really matter what occurs in your life, more important how you take it.

  21. There are three main ways to lost weight. The first is do exercise with moderate severity at least 30 minutes three times a week.The second is eat healthy foods.And the third is stress management.

  22. I consider that to get fit you should cut back on a quantity of sweets and fast foods and eat fruits and vegetables instead. It's also worth to do sports, the best way is to find something you really enjoy for example dancing! It's really great fun and helps you to get in shape:) Everyone has his own passion, you only have to discover it!
    And don't ignore the most important thing - motivation. Without it you won't reach anything.

    Good luck!

    Magda from Poland

  23. i think everything depend on individual abilities of our body. For me diet is helpless, i prefer fitness, dancing and smiling everyday.

  24. It will be better if you combine a diet with a physical progam. As Randal says, you can go slowly and improving your program step by step.

  25. My name is Tania and I just came across your site and I found this topic interesting.
    I think that being on healty diet and doing regular exercises are very important for health reasons, not for aesthetics reasons (as many people think). Bye

  26. I think that reducing food it's not the good way to have a good shap especialy for young , the exercises are the best way to have a good health, many persone when he start diet becomes weak and have bad mood but you should start your meal with a big dish of salad drink water as you can and don't eat before going to bed

  27. You can eat everything, but always balanced! It's important to drink water many times a day and avoid industrialized food. With personal trainner assistance, you can do regular exercise and lose weight very easily. Follow my advice and you will get good results!!!



  29. Many people want to lose weight for reason,and some people choes to go,and diet.Many people are eat vegetables.There is good for diet.Many person they're rain to the park.The good point is eat bear and they do exercises to finish to eat,and than go sleep.Many people go to swim,i think this a good for my self.This is a many diferents things for diet.

  30. Hello,
    My name is Zana Iam from Kurdistan.
    In my opinion to keep your body healthy, you should eat helthy and do exercises.
    First:- eat helthy like fruits, vegetables, meat, fish.
    Don`t eat those foods that contains alot of amount of carbohydrate and fat, and don`t drink alot of sodas.
    Second:- do exercises like walking, running. swimming, and another activity sports.
    So because I have been doing those in my life, my weight have keep as the same for six years, and I will try to keep my weight in all my life.

  31. I think that a healthy lifestyle includes a balanced diet and exercise. For one thing, we should try to eat healthy food like fruits,vegetables,cereals,meat and fish. Avoid sweets like chocolate,donuts,soda,and sweet rolls.Second, we should drink a lot of water. Third, we should have a physical every year. And finally, choose the exercise we like the most, and try to do it at least four times a week.

  32. Good health is very important for our lives. We are composed of body, soul, and spirit. To be healthy it's necesary to care for these three areas.

    First of all, we should care for our physical bodies. We should have good eating habits and do exercises often. The diet should have many different kinds of foody such as vegetables, fruits, and grains and we should not eat too much sugar. Second, we should take care of our emotions. Don't hate or keep rancor. It is better to forgive. In my opinion, a person who keeps rancor for a long time, might get ill. Finally, our spirits should be in peace with God.

    In conclusion, to have perfect health it's necessary to take care of our essence.

  33. The fist thing that a healthy lifistyle should include is good nutrition.You should eat vegetables,fruit,fish,and chicken.Eat three times a day. The second important thing to lose weight is exercise like running, riding a bike,swimming,lifting weights and playing sports. Exercise is good for your body. Finally,get a good night's sleep.Sleep eight hours a night.Your body needs sleep to repair itself.

  34. Many people want to lose weight for some reason. Some people eat vegetables,this is a good for yourself.Some people walk to the park,and the other people go to the health club. They do the exercises.I think the point is eat good, do exercises, and finally go to sleep.

  35. Before you want lose weight go to the doctor first. He will show you good things for your body. For example,what must you eat ?waht kinds of exercises are neccessary for your body?

    I suggest for all people to drink water before brekfast and after to go to bed .You must eat fish once a week and more vegetbales for lunch and soupe or heaviest meal at night.You can feel better if you eat dates and many kinds of fruits. Don't forget to exercicse.

    I think a protection is better than medicine.

    HAMID Morocco

  36. Thank you for this site,it's great.
    I think that healthy lifestyle should include as: First of all it's nutrition.Eat lean meat and fish because they have a carbohydrate and vitamins for our body.Drink a lot of water or juice the diferents fruits.
    The second points is sport.For example,I like play soccer on weekend.It's recomends for having good health.
    And finally,I positive thinking and I take the problems with calm because all problems has solution.

  37. For a healthy diet ecxist a matematic idea:The people need to now how calories need to eat from the food a person for his body a day and how calories need to consum from the exercise a person for his body a day.

  38. My name is Julian. My diet isn't healthy. I know it is bad for my body, but I eat to much sugar and to much junk food.I like pizza, hamburgers,tacos,I like to go to Mcdonalds every two days.I like to much Ice cream, pies, candies, chocolates,and strawberry shakes. I like everything that is fried. In the future,I will try to eat more vegetables,yogurt,fruit, chicken,and fish.I like to do exercise like running and playing soccer.Why soccer? Soccer is to hard and it's good for your legs. I like to play volleyball in the summer.

  39. Hi my mame is Leticia.I think that a healthy lifestyle should include good nutrition,exercise and positive thinking. The first necessity is nutrition.It's important that we eat healthy food,for example vegetables, fruits and fish. Moreover,we should drink a lot of water. another necessity is exercise.It's very important because it helps our body to see better and feel better . The last necessity is that we think positive because we are healthier, when we feel better.

  40. In my opinion, the things we have to do to have a healthy life is do exercise and to have a healthy diet.For example, running is good for your heart. Also you need to take care of your diet. It's good to eat fish,chicken,vegetables, and lowfat foods.Drink a lot of water. Other thing is sleep very well.

  41. Healty life is when all parts of our body and minds work together properly.
    For one thing nutrition is important balanced.Healthy food it essential to eat avoid somthing to sweet becouse it is not to good for body. Sugar doesn't have protein and it can make you fat. For good balance in your body no ice cream ,no chocolate,biscuits, and hameburgers,no sugar produts.

    The next things is exercises choose an activity you like best. Sports make you stronger.You can go walk, jog, swim, play soccer or baseball or climg mountains. They are all good for you health.If you are positive, you have more energy and more enthusiasm you are hoppy too. When you feel good it is better for your life.

  42. People should be healthy because it helps decrease the risk
    of disease. All diet plans are not the same because all peple are not not the same.
    A healthy diet to me would be eating foods that contained vitamins and protein instead of fats and junk food.
    The foods that you should eat to stay healthy are foods that are not in a can or frozen. Fresh food is healthy.You should have three meals a day.
    you can cmbine exercise with such a diet by waking at least half an hour day. In my personal experience
    I don't diet but I don't eat alot of fast food or soda and that seems to be working for me.

  43. I think to have good haelth you need three things is to aet healthy. For exanple,for breafast I can eat ceral. Every morning I eat oats with milk,banana,andalmends. Next I eat fruits for lunch. same Some times I eat beef with vegetables, fish with vegetables or pork. All the rest of the day I eat fruit.
    The second part is to do exercise. I walk a lot in my work. When the weather is good,I like to ride my bike with my son. I think the final rason for good health is to have a good family, If I have good family,I think positive. I think family is very important. Antonio.

  44. Stepping up to Healthy Lifestyle.
    First of all, it's nutrition is eat healthy food.Vegetables, carrots have vitimin E and are good for the eyes. Lettuce has 95% of water and contains vitimin A and E. Avocados are important for the heart,and blood pressure. They contain vitimin B6, tomatoes have vitimin C and other vegetables are very important in your life.Eat cereal,oats and drink yogurt, milk and water are very good.
    The second is sport, get out of the house and find other places to do exercise, breath in fresh air, Exercise is very important for your lungs.
    Physical activity and streching of your body keeps your body flexible.
    Finally it's positive thinking. The most important thing is having condition for doing exercise and eat healthy. The reaching of your goal can help you feel better.

    Enyoy the life, health is life.

  45. Hello! I'm from Moscow and in my country it's becomming more and more popular to have your blode tasted before going on a diet. The result provides your with information on sorts of food which are good personally for you and not for somebody else. Actually it works better for those who face weight issues. I haven't tried that yet as I'm in a good shape myself as I'm a private tutor and have to walk a long distance almost everyday to get to my students places! Our doctors say we should have a 6 km walk every day to stay in a good shape and get a good cardiological results. I don't eat much during the day as i have no time for a break so here is the way how I combine my healthy diet of having a banana and a cookie for lunch with exercising.

    Now stop worrying and enjoy your life!

  46. Hi, always we want lose weight and we starded to stop eating due to the anorexia problems are rising.

    If we have overweight we need go to a nutritionist or start to have healthy eatings habits like drink water, eat vegetables and avoid junk food.

    we need to remember
    we can do everything, if we want

    thanks ivonne

  47. I like to share my ideas to lose weight:
    1. Include vegetable and fruits in our (about 75%)
    2. Avoid all junk foods.
    3. If you are not hungry do not take food.
    4. Eat only three times.

  48. i think it's very simple to lose weight.
    The most important thing we have to do is eat more less than usual and do exercise a lot.
    If you did it, your body would be changed you
    have wanted.

  49. Sometimes the ads tell lies to customers,only show the advantages,but they always don't show us the disadvantage,their purpose just attrictive people to buy their products,if good or bad.

  50. Hi,
    I think people should concentrate more on their health rather than weight because your weight matters only to some extent but keeping in good health is what is utmost important. For a person to be healthy he doesn't need to work his fingers to the bone. Here are some basic things that i believe every person must do:
    > regular exercise in the morning.
    */we can design our own exercise which is nothing but just making each n every part of your body move/*
    > having food on time.
    > consuming lots of water.
    > Dont stress yourself. Always be happy.

  51. When it comes to a proper diet plan do remember that dieting is not about cutting all your food to half and burning your stomach.
    A proper should contain all the essential elements of nutrition.
    Diet should be taken in parts rather than taking it all at one time.
    there should be a regular work out plan according to your capabilities.jogging three times a week is enough if you are not a fitness freak.

  52. To be slim and healthy we have to stop SWEET products. We should not eat any thing which is not food. Before eating anything we need to think is it healthy food? If healthy then only we need to take. We also need to participate in regular exercise and yoga. These are the keys to stay healthy.
    Wish you all the best. Sai from India
    Don't swing by any sweet,fast food etc. shops

  53. If we really want to lose weight, we have to consider at least two aspect such as to avoid eating fat food and doing physical exercices in order to help our body to lose calories.

    kind regards
    juan toledo

  54. I think people should eat whatever they want anyway why worry about physical appereance, however when it comes to health, well, it is worth considering it.

  55. In my country people run in the streets, most of them practice it before 7:00 in the morning because the contamination of cars and other is less and we can breath pure air.

    I think that the companies must have a gym, in order to increase the people to practice spots, because is good for their health and they can work better.

  56. Congratulations for the blog! And great topic for discussion! I´ll use it with my students tomorrow!!!

  57. I think there are two importment ideal for people to lose weight: having regular exercise and healthy eating habity including eating nuturitious foods,avoiding high-fat foods.

  58. I think there are two importment ideal for people to lose weight.

  59. hello
    i have never written in a blog before , i don´t know why . In fact i know it is because i always need to put something i cant , well anyway , congratulations for your website , it is awesome . It is really giving me help in order to learn english , i have an important exam so i will post it here if i pass , it will be really because of you . Diet . I have been all my life trying to do a healthy diet , when i was young i was so skinny , a lot of people say to my i need to eat more i follow their advice and now i love eat a lot . I like sweets , i like chocolate , i like cookies , i like pizza , i love ice cream and cherries what by the way is the onli healthly food i love to eat . I am not fat but i will . This started ehrn i travelled to irelamnd two years ago , i was with a family whose dad can even move from their seat because he was extremely fat i have never seen such a awful thing , he couldn't bend down if his fork fall dowm , he was ill and the mother was just really fatl , not ill , just fat . That month i used to eat a family pizza by miself and a entire chicken with a los of chips , oh but i was so thin that i dont care , gain one kilo , i gain other and to the final of the month i have gained 11 kilos , i couldn't put my trousers on and i needed to buy anothers. Dreary .
    I can´t lose those kilos and i haven't stop eating that much , so that´s my advice if you want to be slim don´t allow yourself to eat everything because you will be doing it all yourlife and another thing running and bicycling are two greats sports , prove them !

  60. Thanks Randall. This is really fantastic ESL website. And this is my first time to post a comment here.
    When people mention that they are on diet,usually they will not drink anything, just drink water. But this is not good practice. Our body still need balance nutrients. It's good idea to cut back on meal quantity. Especially fruit and vegatables, not producing much energy, are both nice food for diet.

  61. Healthy diet with exercise is very effectively, but does this in a regular way. Many of us are busy in everyday living and we need to do this both for our healthy living. Thanks for sharing.

  62. The best way to learn a good habits is when you are a child, it is more easy because eat fruits and vegetable become a custom.

  63. I think the basic thing for a healthy diet is that it has to be balanced and consist of a variety of food. A healthy diet on its won is not enough though if you want to keep fit: you need to practice some kind of physical activity, it doesn't matter what as long as you like it and do it on a steady base

  64. There are thousand of diet method and products but their basic is the one.
    less eat, more move.

  65. There's a lot of products to get in your perfect body, but almost all of them are just false.
    The last year I started to do exercised.
    Cardio for nearly 30 minutes
    100 jump rope times
    In my diet nothing with sugar
    and finally drink hot water with lemon in the breakfast.
    At seven days I lost 8 kilograms, and my body lost at least 1 kilogram per day.
    It's really results, but I felt awful with headache, stomache and the floor moved (for me).
    I leave it.


  66. for living much longer, it is important to maintain our health. I have also tried to go on a diet. When i was living in Canada, i usually ate a lot of junk foods which were made from wheat flour such as hamberger, pizza and pasta as so on.
    One day, suddenly i had a severe hadache for 7 days. So i wanted to find the reason. and finally i realized i had a wrong eating habits. As the result, i started to cut back on some foods which were made from wheat flour. Surprizingly, the effect was perfect. For example my skin color changed very brightly. Also, the ability to digest was better than before. the most thing made me suprised was that whenever i wake up, i felt more reflesed than before
    that is my experience that i tried to maintain my health

  67. I search video exercises on YouTube like Fitness blender to lose weight at home and have diet meals with salads or vegetables.

  68. The above suggestions about losing weight are valuable. But I think the emotion is also important for keeping fit. If we are self-positive and optimism, we are often sober-minded, and can be more self-disciplined. I often eat more when I fell depressed.

    1. yeah. self-discipline is very important. i get the same situation as you that every time i feel depressed, i will eat a lot, and that ruined what done before for the diet.

  69. i went on a diet several days ago , but i think it is failure. because i eat too small at first, and i felt hungry every day. therefore i cannot stand it at end and finally i give up. what a i am trying to eat more times every day and eat less every time. i go on a diet mainly for weight loss. when i saw this topic i find that i should also do this for health. i should eat what my body need rather than something that is just for losing weight. i think i need to make a new diet plan. maybe more vegetable, more fruits, less oil, meat and sweet snacks. this would kill me i have to say.

  70. In my opinion, if you have a work or study routine, you have to eat regularly, because you need energy while your brain is working.So, when I say to eat regularly, I am not telling you to eat heavy foods, but foods that give you energy and in the same time are not prejudicial for your health.For example, you may eat fruits when you are in an activity stop, and when you arrive home, you can eat a good dish, with proteins, vegetables, etc.
    There is one another thing that you have to do, and this thing is:do exercises.They will be very important to regulate your metabolism and will make you happy too.

  71. Hi, I'm Larissa!

    I think you need to have a plan for a diet (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.). You first list out the healthy food that provides protein, vitamins or nutrious supplements. Then, after fulfilling your storage with those kinds of food, you just use them according to your plan.

  72. I usually eat meat, vegetable for diet. Don't use production of glucose too much if you want to loss weight.

  73. Regular visits listed here are the easiest method to appreciate your energy, which is why why I am going to the website everyday, searching for new, interesting info. Many, thank you!

    Indian diet plan for weight loss in one month


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