Friday, May 2, 2014

Reaching Your Goals

No matter where we currently are in life, we often want to reach higher goals (what I call, "rising to higher ground). This includes learning English. However, just with running in the mountains, you often have to pass through deep valleys to reach the summit or top of the mountain. Life can be very hard, but hard times are really what define and make us who we are. Without the hard times, we don't progress. Here is a video I created while running in the mountains of Utah on the topic.


  1. It´s possible that when there are difficult situations in own live,these teach us things. Although is better that these not happen when we are a child or very young because is much hard.

  2. It's a wonderful encouraging video, especially for displaced people. Really no matter where they currently are, they still want to reach higher goals and they try to move to higher ground...


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