Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Learning English Faster

Above all else, I have been asked about 232,432 times (somewhat joking here) by students on the best and fastest way to learn English. Some students are frustrated by their lack of progress or want to pass a test to enter a good university. There is no single answer, but I have some suggestions on what has worked for me and for my own students. Don't be looking for any easy answer. It takes work, but here are my ideas. Share what has worked for you, too.



  1. Learning English is a real fun.English can be learned by vocabulary building and by gaining knowledge of grammar.The former can be learned through various techniques which can be found at www.vocabmonk.com.

  2. In my view, I think that learning English is a life-time investment. It took time to built four skills of English, and your brain needs to be rewired so that you can speak, write and think in English easily. The more you practise, the more you will gain more confidence. Once you break the language barrier, every thing seems much easier.

  3. I think the best way to learn English is to practice it provided that you are motivated enough. Motivation and practice can make it. Randall's website provides good and genuine opportunity for those interested. I myself have improved my language since I learned about this fantastic site. Thanks to his esl-lab, I have come to improve my listening and reading skills. The feedback provided is also FANTASTIC.
    Ghaya Al-Tamhee

  4. English include the grammar, spelling and use of sentences. Some learnt it fast and some gain slowly.To learn English takes too much time. English writing like essays and paper research is also tough when you have not complete grip on English writing. You commit mistakes of grammar. So, you can take the services of professional editor on www.myessayeditors.com to proofread and write your essay or research paper without grammar mistakes. This website www.myessayeditors.com has qualitative and top ranked professional editors.


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