Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Trail Running and Language Learning: What's the Connection?

Although there might not seem to be a connection, there is a relationship between running and learning, especially mastering a language. You have to push yourself, both in running and learning, to make meaningful and lasting progress. Take a look at this video. What are your thoughts on this topic?



englishbiz kagawa said...

I think that there is a lot of connections to be made between sports (particularly those requiring stamina) and language learning. Sometimes you just got to keep chugging along... even when it hurts.

Anonymous said...

I love running, since I was a child untill a was 35 or 40 years old I used to go running to any where I was going . I used to enjoy jumping obstaculos, if I had had the oportunity to enrol in a team to run, I would had done it.

Anonymous said...

I think trail running have a lot of benefits. You will get the better health. You will enjoy the lanscape, the nature, the fresh air on line. I also often run on weekend at the street near my house. It's very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Trail Running and Language Learning are closely connected, I think. The process of learning a foreign language is as hard as we feel when we run for long. It is just like a marathon in which we need a lot of effort. I hear our life is like a marathon. In addition, our life consists of learning many things. That's why many people talk about life-time learning. I also want to say that mastering a foreign language requires us to win over ourselves with endurance, just like we need persistence to get to the finish line in the long distance running. We face many difficulties in language learning like we feel like giving up our running everytime we are exhausted. We have to try hard in order to succeed in both running and learning.

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