Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What is there little or no looting in Japan?

According to news reports, the Japanese haven't been looting (stealing from) stores in spite of the recent earthquake, and such peaceful behavior often wouldn't be seen in other places (including places in my home country). What accounts for this? Share your ideas.


  1. I heard Japanese has been educated actual methods in the emergencies since thier childhoods. I think that education have made them so. But I don't think their behaviors are humane because they control overly thier desire.

  2. I live in Tokyo. After the big disaster, Japanese people try to recover our spirits, strengths and peace as soon as possible. The people in shelters in northeast Japan try to help each other, to share all foods, drinks and supplies equally. They are doing what they can do now without complaining. I think they can act like that, because they have never given up their future yet. They believe that they can be revived again soon. Not only them, but also rescue teams and firefighters and administrators are doing their best with dignity. We can see their effort via TV and Internet. Their efforts give all of us a strong felling of strong ties. This might be the first time for me that I can be proud of Japanese people. And we shouldn't forget that there are so many people in this world who support us. We could see your kindness through the internet. We really appreciate it that you help us. We know how many people overseas try to donate or concern us. We are very grateful of all of them. Thank you very much....
    If you have your family and friends in Miyagi area, I bet that they have been treated equally with other Japanese people.
    I hope this terrible disaster never occur again in this world. I really find myself that we have to send our lives without any regrets. To send such a life, we have to cherish our family, friends, and people all over the world. Stop fighting, Have a big smile, Help each other.

  3. I guess Japanese are good law abider. In addition to that, with what happen to their country, evrybody thinks nothing but how to survive specially those who are in worst situation brought by this tragic natural disaster.

  4. I think the lack of crime in a time of national disaster is a testament to the good nature of the Japanese. The people of Japan saw this disaster as a time to help their fellow countrymen rather than viewing it as an opportunity to steal from them. I believe this type of mentality is ingrained in a people over a long period of time and originates from the leaders of the country.

    Japan has a number of systems and policies in place which take care of the citizens of the country. During a time of despair, people felt a stronger sense to give back for all they had then to take advantage of another's misfortune and vulnerability.

  5. Japanese have always been patriotic people. In wars they gave more than everything they owned, in business they used more everything than they owned, so during such difficult (I'm sure the word "difficult" is very good for this situation) times they know that the life of their people is much more important than their own life. And also my mother says that they have a very splendid peace of culture.

  6. Very interesting post. I am a Canadian living in Japan, and can't believe how safe the country is and how safe I feel here. While in the change room at the gym, I will often leave my wallet on the bench while I go to the washroom. I can't imagine it being stolen. I would never do the same thing in Canada, even though I consider Canadians to be very honest and law-abiding.



  7. I belive that japanase are really patriotic and they live up to their solid well established values and above all they went through difficult and horrible times that really unified them as one nation.

  8. I am amazed that there was little or no looting in Japan after their disaster, especially when compared to the massive amount of looting and destruction and the arrogance of young people when violence escalated recently in London and surrounding cities. Sad to see.

  9. I live in Korea, so I have seen japanese behavior in urgent situation so many times.
    They stay calm every time. And they never lose their mind in daily life, also they don't lose their reason in fear, angry.
    That because Japanese was educated well since childwoods. Futhermore, Adult always teaches child not to be a person who harm to somebody.


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