Thursday, April 29, 2010

Online Chat: Benefits and Challenges

Language learners often ask me to recommend an online chat service where they can practice their English and meet new people. At times, however, I have some reservation in doing so because of the quality, content, and lack of moderating with such services. Of course, few companies will provide such service because of the manpower needed to supervise online chat sessions; I'm just cautious about the potential problems that can arise from using them.

So, what have your experiences been using using online chat or similar services to meet people and improve your English? Do you have any recommendations?

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  1. Hi,everyone
    I got a few friends they like to chat online to improve their English.I think it's a very good idea.But I think there are still some potential problems.Because you don't really know what kinds people you are talking to.So I always remember not to give out my personally information to online strangers.Once I follow the rule, I can chat online heartily.

  2. You can meet great people as people not so good. I've made some friends through internet, but they are few. I've had friends for a long time. I met my oldest virtual friend three years ago. It is a matter of luck. Many people lie in online chats.

  3. I agree with your opinion.
    Once I had enjoyid using chatting service in internet.
    at first I thought that was very useful. but some people use it as bad purpose.
    so I couldn't use it anymore.

  4. Hi, everyone

    actually, I think that chatting with others especially native speaker would widely improve my English and offer me to them and give me a chnce to recognize their culture and exchange experiences, particularlly if i could find a serious, open.minded people who really like to know other culture and clear all misperceptions and make a one world village to live friendly and peaceably.

  5. in my opinion the catting services is good tool for all who want to practice english (*) , so as any tool in this world has the power if we drive it on the right way .

    if any site wants to open chat rooms as a tool for learning english , it must be organized.

    the blog says : that it needs a manpower to run rooms and watch the rooms to prevent any violation.

    i think it is not complicated for that degree , if you can organized it by leading the chatters , i mean : making rooms entitled by subjects , so any one know where to go as an example , sports rooms , travelling rooms and so forth and you put hint words to make practitioner knows what words can use for the conversation

    as a start , you decide a specific category and you let the participants to give an audio comments , after you get the good load , you can open the online chat

    i hope i could explain what i wanted to reach easily

    with regards

  6. Mi comentario va en Español, ya que realmente estoy entrando al Ingles y bien hay cosas que no entiendo, ya que es mucha la información me gustaría aprender bien.
    Debo tomar tiempo, pero me parece muy completo este curso, tratare de entenderlo, un Demo existe??
    Bien aprenderé\\marC\MLS


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