Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Health Care: A government or private section issue?

Many countries around the world are facing a health care crisis. The United States is one of them. Many people feel that having health care is a right of every citizen and that the government should pay for it. Others are very worried about how the government will pay for it in the long run and to what extent individual tax payers will be burdened with the cost in the future. What is your opinion on this? What is the role of government in providing health care? Should the government stay out of the issue and let private companies deal with the issue.

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  1. Hi Randall,

    This is indeed a very contentious issue. The historical and social contexts of a given country will directly affect people's opinions about it. In Brazil, for instance, we pay a lot of taxes (tons of them); therefore, the government gets a lot of money from us Brazilian citizens. Ideally, this money should be invested in public health care, Education, local and national security. However, Brazil is one of the most corrupt countries in the world, and nobody knows where this money goes. The Brazilian Constitution says that the government must provide Brazilians with health care. Unfortuantely, our public hospitals are in very poor condition. Thousands of people die every year - some of them while waiting in the long lines.
    By and large, I think every human being should have the right to live(a good quality life). But again, it seems that we're much more worried about the money spent than about other people's (especially poor people's) health.
    What's your opinion about it? I know Americans have long kept the government out of these issues at the expense of individual freedom. However, times have changed. Everyone seems to have become more dependent on each other. Is it still possible to live like in the 80s - when the world was not so "globalised"??
    Looking forward to reading your comments,

  2. Hello Randall and everyone.

    I think a government should prevent a health care crisis from happening.So people need a public health insulance,which enable them to save medical expense.
    They want reasonable medical services rather than the latest and high-tech ones.
    If doctors or pharmacerticals gain furtune and only the rich can afford to utilize medical servises,the poor can do nothing but suffer from diseases and die.


  3. Hi everyone,
    I think this is indeed an important issue in this society.In Taiwan,we pay taxes to let our government deal with our health care.And I think this is a good policy to me.We don't have to pay a lot of money when we go to see a doctor because our government will pay.And the people living in the poor life don't have to worry that they don't have enough money to cure them of sickness.

  4. Hi Everyone,

    I know it is current hot issue in United States and I think it's a little bit late to debate this health care problem and it should not be delayed. Like many countries, we, Korean, are also paying a lot of money for National Health Insurance so that all korean can have almost same opportunity to get a medical service. After coming here, US, I was surprised that I should pay so much money to buy health insurance policy. I think it is time for the gorvenment have to deal with this problem more actively. Yes, I know there are some problem that already mentioned above. Though, I really feel the sympathy with Bruno's saying. "I think every human being should have the right to live a good quality life."

  5. Hi Randall,
    Sorry ! my English is not well
    I agree that Helth care insurance should be covered for every one.
    This is the basic priorities in life.
    We can imagine how the life will be,if we do that.
    Everyone eill do his best to improve himself in the other things.
    For example : students will study more.Workers will work activity.
    Because they have a guarantee for thier helth.

    Thanks Mr.Randll for this chance to write in English
    And Iam sorry again because my writer has a lot of mistakes,and I will do my best to improve it.

  6. Hello Randall,

    In my opinion, health is a very important part of our life. Moreover, future of human dependents from medicine. This is not secret that not everyone can afford a good insurance for their family. As a result, I believe, that governmenr have to help all peple pay part of necessery incurence for them. Of couse, people can have choice where they want to treat, if it be public or private madicine center. Finally, everyone people can feel safe oneself in mother country and government ought to take care of health of all people.

    Oxana (Russia)

  7. Thanks for the time and energy you've put into this.

    mba india

  8. Hi Randall, I live abroad and an ESL student, and I'm going to briefly give my opinion on this issue. I think this problem is a very sensitive one and that it shouldn't be dealt with so hastedly, but I think health care service should become available for many people. Some people may contend that the tax burdens will be too high for the citizens. But there's no telling what will happen in our future, say, when we suddenly go bankrupt and run over by a truck at the same time. If we have a well-established health care system, we shouldn't be feel anxious about it. But if not, we can't do nothing but waiting for death blankly. Of course, we can't know what will happen in the future exactly, but raising tax for the system will serve as a "national insurance" for "most of the citizens." As we pay insurance companies for our future protection, we also have to pay more tax as a precaution.

  9. I think the government needs to step in and protect the American people from the back breaking cost of health care. Because our government has done such a poor job of running other things, it scares most people to think that the government is getting involved in this, but the average person can not afford the cost of health insurance plus the additional costs of going to the doctor and any prescriptions that they may need. There is a lot of money being made at the expense of the American workers and private companies that provide health insurance for their employees.

  10. Hi everyone.
    Certainly, the government has her own role in providing basis health care for the needy. However, the burdens and benefits of taxpayers should not be neglected. I hope the government can spend the money more wisely and effectively.

  11. Hi Randall,
    sorry my English is not good, but I really want to say about health care. In my country, Vietnam. Almost people have insuaran cards. However, It depends on the job, the insuarance divides to defferent kind of its. because each person have to take defferent tax. So when we go to hospital to treat, we usually get not good medicine, expert we have to stay in long time in hospital. I think itis unfair if the government change the policy of health care, especialy the poor people will be kill if they must pay themsefl and the government have to take charge of about the disease of their citizens. Sorry about my mistakes but I hope to recive the reply.Thanks

  12. The posts so far have been great - hoping for some more.

  13. Now a days there is really a debate when it comes to health issue because of the fact that we are facing financial crisis. Getting sick is very expensive so health insurance is very important to help in the coverage of medication. Every needs that and they should have it. And the government should do something to resolve the health care issue.

  14. Health care issue again. So much talk about health but with this entire thing is there any development in the situation of health care? Is there any action happening? Many were threatened with the trend today and sad to say the decline of those who have health insurance is getting bigger and bigger each day.


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