Monday, March 22, 2010

Quotations and Sayings: What do they teach us about life?

Often, quotations or proverbs often can teach us some lesson of life, and these writings can be used to develop our discussion and language skills. Share one proverb or quotation (either from your native language or one translated into English), explain its meaning, and discuss how it relates to life or your own experience.

Here's one:

"Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage."

To me, having and demonstrating courage----especially moral  courage---in the face of life's greatest challenges can define who we are. For example, it takes a lot of courage to tell the truth and be honest in all our doings with others. In fact, honesty and courage are at the center of one's value system. If a person has the courage to tell the truth, then you will always be able to trust that person in their work and study. As a result, our opportunities will expand.

Now, share a quotation or saying that you like and explain it to the rest of our readers.




  1. Hi, Randall
    I agree with you that quotations and sayings teach us life. I think they keep a piece of advice for the future generations.
    I'm from russia and our culture inherited a lot of sayings. As i like to study, my favourite quotations are connected to working hard: 'Nothing can be achieved without an effort' and 'If you dance you must pay the fiddler'.
    Well, maybe in english their sense has changed a bit, but anyway.
    I think that is true and when we work hard we get our results with a great pleasure.
    When I have no energy to study or do not find any point I think they are really useful.
    All in all, using quotataitions depends on how a person understands them and what are his values. I think they can give a wise advice

  2. Hello Randall and all,

    I also believe that adages beautify and enrich the language we use. They quite often summarise the main ideas we want to share while engaged either in a formal discussion or a casual conversation.
    I myself live by "Don't do unto others what you don't want done agaisnt you."

    To me, if we placed ourselves in somebody else's shoes before making any decision or judgement about what should be done or said, we would always avoid running into trouble. What worries me most is that people have become too egotist and have been living by a "me-first philosophy" lately.

    What do you guys think? Have a good day,
    Bruno (Brazil)

  3. i absolutely agree with you..i know couple of quotations and they can give us approaching how to live or how we are supposed to live,right..also it is funny way to improve english that we memorize those things.. good one..'only a life lived for others is worth living'..albert einstein..
    but the best one which is my philosophy
    'do to people what you like to be done to you'.PROPHET MOHAMMED(PBU)..

  4. Hi Randall,

    I just found your listening lab and this blog. It's a great place to learn English!

    As for this topic, I totally agree with you. I do think many quotations and sayings can tell us some good points and teach us how to deal with difficulties in our life. I always write down some good sentences when I think it can encourage me to have a positive attitude towards life. Actually, I face some problems recently, and I put these encouraged sentences on the wall. When I sit in front of my desk, I can easily see it.

    These two weeks are Easter holiday, and I have lots of time to tidy up my thoughts. And I watched a motivation movie days ago, named the Shawshank redemption. It's a old movie, but also a classical one. There is a one sentence I think it's the best one. 'Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.'

    I put this sentence on the wall, reminding myself everyday is a brand-new day, and everything will have a hope and everything will be solved out.

    Jing, from China, in Ireland now.

  5. Hello Randall and every one!

    I agree 100% of quotations and sayings teach us life. There are so many nice words that encouraging and inspiring us.

    It's tragic fact that many people are discouraging and don't know why we are living. I think people are encouraging by quotations and saying.

    The quotations and sayings that encouraging us are "If you sleep, you will dream. But if you do your best, you will achieve your dream.", "Don't delay your today's task to tomorrow.", "No pains no gains.", "If you don't run today, you will run tomorrow." etc.

    Bye bye!

  6. Hello~

    I'm glad to find this blog and share my idea to you.

    well, I think quotations and sayings make our language richer. Also, by using them, they can make our words more powerful when we're speeching.

    "The darkest hour is that before the dawn"-the best words that I keep. It gives me hope, no matter how hard I am.


  7. Sayings are full of wisdom, everytime you faced with some problem, i am sure you can find some sayings in your heart to give you support and lead you through it.
    until now, i love a saying got from a wisdom story, that is " when you are young, Do not be afraid; when you are old, do not regret"
    It always give me courage to try and do my best facing challenge

  8. "Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage.",i absolutely agree with you.

  9. Thanks for all your sharings. I enjoy learning from quotations and sayings because they are the essences of others' lives and wisdom.

    Here's one of my favourite sayings:
    "Do spend your time wisely so that tomorrow you will be grateful to yourself for what you have done before."

    I find it inspiring and encouraging especially when I'm frustrated and nearly want to give up. Hope you also find it helpful.


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