Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pet Care: How can animals affect our lives?

For many people, pets are a part of their everyday lives; however, the types of pets people own and how they care for them can differ greatly from person to person based on experience, living conditions, local laws, and other cultural reasons. In this video, I share a little bit about some of my pets. What has been your experience in raising animals? How can they help us emotionally and physically?



  1. this is a vedio to introduce us your two dogs.

  2. Hi Randall and everyone!

    My wife and I have a pet dog and his name is sunshine. He has indeed shed some light in our lives. Raising this dog has been like raising our own son. He is now not just a dog but a member of the family. He's like our trial run before having our own children. That reminds me of a very famous American movie called Marly and Me.Have you guys seen it?

    We chose a dog to be our pet because dogs are more friendly and easier to be tamed. The most popular pets in Brazil are dogs, cats, fish and birds.
    What about there and in other parts of the world?
    Looking forward to reading your and your readers' posts.

  3. Hi, everyone! My name is Oksana, I'm from Ukraine. I like dogs too. My husband and I have three dogs,German shepherds:Genie, Richard and Ingus. Now they became members of our family. It's so pleasant to come home and see how they are glad that you come home. Each of them has its own character. Genie is very jealous, but tender, Richard is serious and grave; Ingus is very clever and calm dog.They understand not only my words, but even my thoughts and my mood. When I'm sad, one of them just comes to me and put its head on my knees and look on me with its sagacious eyes and I'm feeling better... I cannot imagine my life without them!

  4. Hi there everyone!!
    When reading your comment, Bruno, I have thought about the movie "Marley and me" straight away. Lol In Spain the title was roughly translated into "A couple of three".
    That was a sweet film, but I must confess I would have gone nuts with a dog like that one. He was just too wild!! Not for me!
    I don't have any pets. It takes time and dedication and I just don't have those.
    In my country, the most popular pets are dogs and cats too, as well as birds, such as parakeets, and sometimes turtles.

  5. Hi ~ everyone !
    My name is Hyun Jin Lee, I live in Korea.
    I have a pet dog, The dog name is "Dea-RO". It is many use of persons name in Korea.
    My pet is so cute and vary lovely!
    I'm happy because I can introduce my pet at this place.

    And the most popular pets in Korea are dogs, cats, fish, hamster.

    Thank you for reading.

    Have a good time! :)


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