Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Freedom: What does it mean to you?

The idea and concept of the word, "freedom," can vary from person to person and place to place. Personally, I appreciate the freedom to share my beliefs and ideas with others without fear of action against me. If I want to, I could stand in a park and pass out information on my personal views, and I allow others to do the same.

However, with freedom comes responsibility and respect and potential consequences. Freedom doesn't mean you violate the freedoms of others. For example, I don't smoke, but in the area where I live, people are allowed to do so as long as it is within local laws and ordinances. If I violate somone's freedom, then I could be arrested.

So, what does freedom mean to you? Are there certain freedoms that you wish you could enjoy? Share your ideas.



  1. What a fabulous question it is...!!

    For me,the definition of freedom in my mind,is that I can do everything without others permission. Of course,must not violates the laws.

  2. I also appreciate the freedom to share my beliefs and ideas without the fear of action specially on the part of the government, for instance, against me. Nowadays instead of going to public places such as a park, people have been using the Internet to get people together and fight for a cause or even to discuss politics in chat rooms. Everything is done virtually; however, a few times, I've seen or heard that these people involved have taken it to the streets too.
    I believe, therefore, that the Internet is the best way to find people who share the same beliefs and principles as you do. Today in Brazil we can use the Internet for a range of purposes without being arrested or even monitored. This is the freedom I value most nowadays.

  3. In my opinion,freedom is something you have to fight for,if you want to get it.And I think everyone is looking for their own freedom.Freedom means you can do anything you want (of course,it must be legal)? Yes,it is.But it's more special for me.For an example,you want to travel, getting out the business,but you can't just say "Yes,I can" then you go.There are many things hold you back : money,job,..Even you did,there will be a mess waiting for you when you come back.I mean,in this world now,that's so hard if you wanna get freedom.You can only get it for a short period so that makes it more precious.

  4. For me, freedom is you can do whatever you want. No one and nobody doesn't care as long as you don't violate its law. Freedom is also expressing yourself, on what is on your mind.

  5. Freedom is like air, water or sun. We are breathing in it but don't really realize how important it is. All conflicts in the societies are caused by the misunderstanding of freedom. We consider my freedom is the best but never respect others'. Considering cyber bullying and harsh comments on celibrities on some websites, I see people are living in their own place blocking them from outside of the world claiming that it's their right to show the brutal side of their nature. Making young boys commit sucide, do we have to sit back and see how severely they use their freedom? I think freedom itself is good but always the problem arises from people who command it. How to enjoy freedom is always the matter. I think at least we have give people instructions to enjoy their freedom without hurting anyone.

  6. For me, Freedom is an essential thing in one's life. One cannot live without freedom.
    But actually one's freedom has some restrictions that one should be abide by; this restriction is manifested in that" one's freedom should stop at that of others" which means that i cannot smoke and call this freedom as long as my action hurt others or violate thr freedom of others.

  7. the freedom means that i can do whatever i wish anytime i want without asking for a permession form anybody,however,freedom has to be under the laws and ordinances.

    the freedom has established cultures,improved societies through the centuries by giving the right for individual opinions and individual thoughts,a lot of people have killed,murdered,and faught to boost freedom to another generation and here we are having the right to do and participate in many different fields as elections,or exercising ritual religions...

    Now freedom is a big responsibility on us we have to protect it and save it if it's in need to do so and to transport it to the next generation and to our kids as the early people did

  8. Hi, my name is karen I'm from Colombia. I compare the fredoom with this phrase "Is like a wind I can't see it but I can feel it" sounds awesome.
    Also is the way that I can express myself and don't have to ask to anybody what should I do?...
    Fredoom is my way to live, to breath, to see etc.


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