Monday, June 29, 2009

The Perfect Meal: Breakfast and Dinner Recipes

The one thing I've learned in traveling throughout the United States and the world is that local customs, history, and geography play a role in the food of the area. In particular, the image of the ideal or perfect meal varies widely, and you can expect that everyone has eggs, toast, bacon, hash browns, and tall glass of orange juice for breakfast.

Therefore, if I visited your house for breakfast or dinner, what would be the ideal meal to serve to meal so I really had a flavor for the food and customs of your area? Is there any unique food of your area that I might never have tried before?

Share your ideas on this topic.



  1. If you come to my country, you should try the variety of sandwiches we have. Almost at every corner, there is a bakery where you can buy bread came right away from the oven or order a toasted sandwich and choose from a vast selection of hams and cheeses they offer or choose them all. Then you can have a cup of coffee or a natural juice squeezed from the fruit every morning. If you are still hungry, then try our pastries.

    At almost every bakery, you can find strawberry, pineapple, cherry, guava, or cheese turnovers. If you are not so crazy about turnovers, then you should try our cakes. I suggest you our famous “tres leches” (three milks).

    For dinner, you can indulge yourself with our exquisite cuisine. I guarantee you that you are not going to regret it.

  2. To some breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well, at least in my family we've always had the habit of eating light breakfast before facing the day. Deeply friend food is never ever served early in the morning in our house. Instead, we eat fruit salad, yogurt, fruit... Traditionally, Brazilian families all over the country would rather have just a cup of coffee accompanied by bread and butter. As to lunch, we usually eat a little bit more... Beans and rice are a must at lunch. We have all sorts of combinations with black beans and rice. Steak ( or grilled chicken), french fries, "farofa", black beans and rice has long been our favorite. When it's dinner time, we'd rather have something light so that we won't sleep on a full stomach and have nightmares. lol Brazilians love eating out. I guess if you ever visited my country, I'd rather treat you to dinner than cook for you and your family. :-)
    To wrap it up, a new trend has caught on in some Brazilian states: Chinese/Japonese food has become part of our diet. More and more Brazilians are changing their diets to include this kind of food in their meals. Well, I've tried it out and I liked it too. :-)

  3. Well east is all about spices. Breakfast can be a little less spicy with eggs and bread and juices but lunch and dinner is nothing without chillies. You should particularly try Saag, Biryani, Korma and Pulao. I am from Pakistan but these dishes have variants throughout southeast Asia.

  4. As a Filipino, we don't eat like Americans usually ate on their breakfast.
    Rice is always stapled food for us Filipinos, whether on breakfast, lunch and dinner. It's weird for Americans that Filipinos eat rice during breakfast.
    But if you come and visit here in Philippines, I'll gonna serve you for breakfast is Fried rice with Longganisa and sunny side up egg. Longganisa is our native sausage. It's home made food. And I'm sure you'll gonna love it!

  5. Since you live in US, I think you've already had a try on eating Pho - Vietnamese food. As Vietnamese citizen, I love Pho so much. I can eat it as for my breakfast or even for my dinner. Besides Pho, you can also eat other kinds of delicious food from Vietnam such as Hu Tiu Nam Vang - made from rice, meat and shrimp, Cha gio - French called it as Spring Roll... When you have a chance to visit Vietnam, please consider eating these food. I can sure that you will have an interesting experience about Vietnamese food.

    Nguyen - from Vietnam

    Please, correct my comment if I make any mistakes. Thank you.

  6. My traditional breakfast include egg, fry beans, fresh chees,tortilla and a cup of milk, many people in my country use to drink coffe. In urban areas people eat hot kakes and orange juice but en rural areas people eat beans and drink coffe, there are other people in urban poor population who enjoy taking chuco atole, that is made of black corn, calabaza seeds, black beans, sal and red peper , maybe this is the one you can try that you never before have tried.


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