Saturday, January 10, 2009

Time Running Out: What would you do?

If you were told that you were dying and that you only had one month to live, how would you spend the limited time you had left? Explain your reasons for your answers.

Personally, I always realize in the back of my mind that this happens to people everyday. So, for me, I'd probably spend my final days with my wife and kids, telling them about my life, sharing words of wisdom, and just having fun going to Disneyland, hiking, sitting out under the stars, and telling them how much I love them.

How about you?



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  1. If I were told that I was dying and that I had only one month to live, I would definitely spend my final days with my family and try to make the most of every minute spent with them. However,I wouldn't look back on the things we did together; to the contrary, I'd make a list of the top ten things we've always wanted to do and try to fulfill most of our dreams.


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