Monday, October 13, 2008

About English Teachers: If you could change one thing . . .

This topic is specifically for English students. If you could change one thing about your English teacher (teaching style, classroom management, interaction with students, grading system), what would it be and why? W hat is your image of the perfect or ideal teacher? Tell us about one teacher you have had that influenced you most.



  1. I would say teacher should be enthusiastic about their job as a teacher. To be honest, I found some teachers just killing time(looking so bored) during class, when I studied English in my country. Being an enthusiastic teacher is my image of the ideal teacher.
    I remember one of my previos teachers who gave me good impression of teacher. He was just perfect teacher because he always respected students and was eager to teach every single thing about English. After a while, we became a friend and exchaged our language. That was great experience to both of us. From time to time, I miss the time together.

  2. I am an English teacher in Taiwan. I totally agree to be a teacher should be enthusastic, not just killing time. However, how to espire their motivation is so difficult? Could someone help me or advise me any good idea?


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