Friday, June 13, 2008

Travel and Sightseeing: Going alone or with a friend?

If you had the opportunity to travel overseas for a month, would you rather go alone or travel with someone else (a family member or a friend)? Share your reasons. Also, talk about the place you would want to visit.



  1. Hi, my name is Silvia Calcaterra I'm from Italy and I'd like to travel to improve my English and also to understand how is the life out home.
    In the past, I couldn't travel a lot because I have even had the possibility and now I want to exploit each moment.
    I'd like to go alone or with my boyfriend in the countries in which speak English, but now is impossible for my student job.
    The next year, together a my girlfriend, I would go in a work-journey to speak very well the English and in the future, maybe within 2-3 years, I would make the experience of "Erasmus".

  2. Hello! my name is Ming Syun Wu.
    I'm from Taiwan. I am a senior high school student. I think I will travel with my friend. Also, I like to make friend with everyone all over the world. Recently, I found the place which provides a lot of chance to improve my Engich.
    It was the moment that I was very excited.

  3. I'm Uranus and from Hong Kong. I've traveled with friends and on my own. It's true that we can experience the freedom and non-planned events when we travel alone. Also, we dun need to ask advices from our friends. However, sometimes, we may feel loneliness. During a long distance flight, it's very bored. Plus, we may encounter a issue that we can't solve, we may need a talk or a help. A company or partner would be needed at that moment.

  4. i am very interested to go to with my girlfriend


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