Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Rising Gas Prices: How do you deal with them?

The price of gas in many parts of the world is continuing to rise, and as a result, is affecting life for many individuals and businesses. Now, there might be a number of things that countries can deal with the issue include encouraging individuals to conserve, increase production, and developing refining infrastructure, but my question is this:

What can individuals (you and me) to lessen the impact on our lives, increase gas mileage of our vehicles, and conserve more energy? Please share your ideas.



  1. it's the question about money.
    there are a lot of way to reduse the oil-attacking.
    1.buy a motor
    It really eats less oil than car
    2.ridig bike when i go around
    I have a habit of playing basketball. Bicycle is my leg. Not only cheaper than anything,but healthy.
    3.convert your vehicles into eco-car

    I am from Taiwan,southeast China.
    Just call me Hans. nice to meet you.


  2. I think this is a good question for everyone nowadays.
    First, we should decrease driving car or motocycle. If we can walk or ride a bike more than driving, I believe it will be a good way for solving the problem. But it is so difficult to fulfiil, right?
    However, we can just take the public transport first, and then walk to the destination.
    Second, in addition to focusing on the price og gas, we also have to find the new energy with its good efficacy. Without doubt, gas is reducing gradually.

  3. Hi. I don't agree when the people say that the world can change if you replace your car with a bike. I don't have a car, I like to use my bike to go to different places (my parent's house, visit friends, etc.). But we think in change the world the wish must include a politician change volunteer. I think is clear that the people who has the power of develope new technologies are thinking in themselves. Human being is too selfish to be capable of thinking in others when they can wait... hungry, death of children, wars, (not) 'oiled' problem, and concentration of richness are the truth. The sad truth. WE have to think in what we can change, and the difference with what we wish to change.

  4. Here in Japan,gas costs about 175yen per liter now. So, I try to use bicycle,public transportations.

    If gas price is getting higher and higher,it effects our daily goods as well.

    we should make use of solar energy
    in spite of using bioenergy.

  5. Rising gas prices has become the most important issue in the world today. Most countries are trying to deal with this problem. In my country, the government calls every citizens to save gas in several ways. We are persuaded to use public transportation. Vietnamese people almost use motorbikes. That tends to wast gas a lot. To support the idea, I go to school by bicycle everyday. Scientists in my country has invented an interesting kind of gas called S5. It is a biologic gas. It is cheaper and better than the usual one. Producers will launch it wiser in the future.

  6. I think one cause of the problem is human wish to look wealthy and succeed. At least, in Russia I see the situation in this way. As soon as people become financially more successful they change their light vehicals to some offroaders or just some car with higher-power engine (that demand much more gas because their motor capacity) althought they DON'T need it at all. Neither traffic rules nor congestions here allow to drive so fast.
    By the same reason a family of four often has got three cars that, also, demonstrate its prosperity but doesn't aid to remedy the situation.

  7. 1.organize the family members to use only one car altogether if it is the same direction.
    2. choose the public transportation.
    3. walk if the desitination is near from your place.


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