Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The TOEFL Test: How can I get a better score?

Many students ask how they can improve their score on the TOEFL test, and answers to this question deal with both language skills and test-taking strategies. Over the years, the TOEFL test has evolved and changed, and the test now reflects more authentic situations and tasks that a student might encounter in real academic (school) situations. Besides passing the test, students should be equally concerned about their ability to communicate in English with fellow students and understand lectures and discussions. Too often, I have taught students who "passed" the TOEFL, but their language skills were still so low that they struggled (and sometimes failed) once they got into the university.

So, what are the keys to getting a better TOEFL score and how can students look past the TOEFL and improve real communication skills to survive the academic challenges of university life? Please share your experiences and ideas on this topic.



  1. I think that once you're studying abroad, you must try to engage in different sorts of conversation and notice the kind of language( structures and lexical phrases) you're expected to use. I'd also advise that the study of the grammar of the language should not be neglected.
    I believe there's no short cut to learning and then ultimately mastering a language. It takes time and a lot of effort.

  2. I know my weaknesses in English language,so, I am working on skills that I am not master on them.In the meanwhile,I am studying TOEFL strategies which I need to know to answer the questions.I think patience and persistance are two important factors during my study.
    these are things that I am hopefully doing to get the better score.


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