Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Online Shopping Verses Traditional Stores

What are the advantages and disadvantages of shopping online verses going to a traditional store in your neighborhood? For one, if you shop at a traditional store, you can actually touch, handle, and examine the product (perhaps even test it), but you might only see a picture of an item if you shop online. Yes, you might be able to return the product if there's a problem, but some people won't think the effort is worth it.

So, what do you think about this topic? Share your ideas.



  1. We can now almost find everything that r sold in stores sold online as well.As for me, I usually remember the specifications of the products that i've seen in stores and tried out then when i go home i 'll do a search online for that specific item.If i find it and it's usually less expensive than in the stores,I'll buy it online.If not,I'll simply go back to the store.:)

  2. I like traditional stores.I can trust on the product and my purchase. On the internet, I see a commercial picture of a product which is sometimes different from the actual merchandise.The picture is always more beautiful and shows the best quality.But, in reality it is in poor condition and appearance.So, if I can see it, I can buy it.
    online shopping is also not active.I really like to go out ,to see the variety of people and their styles in garments and to talk with them. In fact, being social and having fun outside my home is another goal for me while shopping.On the internet, I am just limited on the virtual world without any interactions.
    Moreover,todays, We have the lack of excercises and spend all time sitting in front of our computer.Going out is a kind of excercise which help us to burn some calories.
    these are the facts that I like traditional stores more than internet shoppings.

  3. I like online stores because it easy to buy somthing and I can get expensive items by cheaper than traditional stores but Sometimes I can't trust because it has just one picture of items. Most of items in teadutional store are expensive.

  4. I like online shopping.It is almost can find everything you need. And you don't need to go to the Mall go other place to find it. it easy to buy somthing and I can get expensive items by cheaper than the other store. It is not waste my time. I think online shopping verses traditional store will become a part of human life in the furture.


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