Monday, November 5, 2007

Polls: Do you have an idea?

As you see on my blog, I have a weekly poll on some aspect of language or culture to help us share our ideas on various topics. Now, I'm looking for ideas on future polls. What topics would you like to discuss and see in a poll? Please post your ideas. Randall


  1. Now i'm ready for toefl test. But i found out that the listening section is very hard to me. I almost want to give up. So my concerned topic is when foreigners can really understand english, not guess english? A year, two years or longer, or never

  2. I have been here in U.S about 10 years and I'm mid of twenty. I recently quit my job and trying to apply for the city job that I really desire to work. But here is bit of problem. I'm still having problem with English and the feild where I want to work needed to fluent English. actually I took the one of tests couple weeks ago and I'm waiting for the result but I'm sure I'm flunked. I still dont know how to study English successfully and easily. English is giving me big stresses these days. HELP ME!!!!

  3. I want to discuss about the things that ESL students should do after their classes to improve English. I know some people came to US and they are still studying in ESL classes. But they just go to classes from home and come back home after classes. So what should the ESL students do? Where should they go? I mean everywhere such as a restaurant, bank, hospital, church... that they hardly have chance to go or they don't have enough confident to go there.

  4. There are so many people in the world studying English. Sometimes I wonder if learning English has really helped them give a boost to their careers or whatever they need it for.

  5. Hi
    One of the best happy birthdays, was 9 years a ago. I was very happy and all of my friends was there, and now I am alone and all of them are the other City or country. that night was one of the best nights that all of my friends were near me. that night we ate cake, ice cream,.... and we danced. It was very good night for me.

  6. i have a birthday very happy beside my love. He give me roses and we have a diner in restaurant so romantic. i feel happy.

  7. hi everybody
    i am vietnamese. I certainty i had never celebrated my birthday since i was child. It was not made me to sad. However i was invited to some party of my friend birthday. I was eaten the cake.


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