Thursday, November 15, 2007

Famous Tourist Spots: Where do you suggest?

If an international visitor were to visit your city, what places of interest would you recommend he/she to visit? It doesn't have to be an internationally-famous place, but a place where people can find out about the local culture, history, or geology. In my city, there is a famous cave called Timpanogos Cave, and it is a favorite site for locals and international visitors. You can see more about this site at You can earn about the geology of Utah and the history of the people who first lived in this area. Now, please tell us about a tourist spot in your area and why we should go there.


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  1. Minas Gerais seems to be the best Brazilian state for those who are interested in knowing about our local culture, history and geology. Minas Gerais is a historical place, but it's also widely known for being the perfect spot for radical sports. Its mountain ranges, rivers and lakes appeal to tourists from al over the world.
    Here's a link for those who want further information about Minas Gerais.


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