Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Cell Phones: Should they be banned?

Today, more and more students carry cell or mobile phones while at school; however, as a teacher, I find it sometimes difficult to keep students on task because cell phones go off during class, and students sometimes text their friends during the lessons. The question is whether schools should ban cell phone in schools. So, what rules, if any, do schools have in your country to deal with the growing issue of cell phones. Share your ideas.



totti said...

Thanks Mr. Randall
My teachers always ask us to switched our cell phones off during their class. But I've one teacher who even collect them and put them in his bag till the end of the class.
And I really agree with him, cell phones can be very distracting!
Ahmed, Qatar

Anonymous said...

nowadays the cell phone is really important

but not in the class room

it must be prohibited

regardless of any reason


Anonymous said...

I think the cell phone should be banned in classroom. The teengers can not controll the behaviour by themselves. So the teacher should help them

Anonymous said...

In my school,there is a rule that everyone has to give his cell phone to the safe of the school every morning.Due to the security,the teachers always gave us the tag or the card with the number that attached to our cell phone . then in the evening they will open the safe and we queue to get our cell phones back.
Amat's student..NUI

Sait said...

In my idea, the mobile phone should be prohibited to use in the classroom, because it can distract class teaching and activity. But the school should allow student to take it to school for contact to their parent or friends when they are out of classroom.

mohamed tawfik said...

Cellphone is very important in these days but it should be forbidden in class room so I think it must be collected before begging the studying day.

haitham Zmareh said...

my son is in kg1, one day I went to bring him back, I waited near the school gate (men are forbidden to get into the girls schools here), I saw my son in the yard, I called at him, he was playing and didnt here me, I shouted and shoted, and after that I went to the microphon and called at him, but he was still playing and notice, I wished he had a cell phone, so I would be enable to call him.
I think it is a good idea to allow our kids to take cell phones in their schools, as long as they should be kept in the school safe, and given to them after classes.
If I'm going to reach him late, I can call him also.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I think Teachers should pick up all students'cellphones before lecture beginning especially in children classroom. Students shouldn't use cellphones in a school although they just use to chat because they will lose to concentrate on what a teacher say.

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