Saturday, January 12, 2019

A New Year - 2019

Now that we have entered into the new year, I am interested in hearing what plans people have for 2019. For me personally, I hope to find meaning in every small thing I do and seek ways on helping friends, family, colleagues, and students in their challenges and new experiences.

Enjoy 2019!


  1. have a wonderful 2019...

  2. Firsty , i hope that you can complete to plan seek meaning from every small you do and helping onther people in 2019 . For me 2019 will challenge and chance because I want to accomplish 6.5 Ielts and improve speaking E . It help me to communicate well with native speaker and i can understand everything when i listen english . Besides i want to visit many famous destination and explore new culture , people . traditional food in the world, In my opinion it way both learn and expand relative . specially the same ideal randall i want to help and support i will meet in my life. it is purpose life of me ( i hope everyone can help me to improve writing skill - thanks you so much)

  3. This year, I am gonna try my best to find out my mission of life. I also want to take part in volunteer activities as much as possible, so that I can help other people.
    Anw, thank you so much for your website, i learn many of things from it. I hope you have a happy 2019!!

  4. I am mastering my ESL blog this year. I see you don't have to. Great job.

  5. Oh what beautiful and inspiring words, although the year has already advanced a little, I hope that the next year will go better than what has gone, in school, specially in English, I also want what is left over this year to be very productive, educationally and emotionally, I am very happy for this new year, it is a new opportunity to be better people and improve ourselves, also to take care of our planet, recently I heard a song called "Earth" is about our planet and the damage we do to it, that is why I intend to take care of it, you can search it on YouTube, finally I want this year to be one of the best.

  6. These look great .I love the idea.Good luck with it.
    Tips to get Start on ILTT

  7. Hi, I'm a third year student. If someone else asks me about what challenges I felt most difficult, I will answer with the peak of enthusiasm that conquering my self. It's not the achivement from other's which makes you feel inferior, nor the good pictures of your travelling checklist. It's worthy about your advantages. Every tick of clock subtracts fewer and fewer the schooling time and graduating would come as the consequence. By learning English, I think it's by-producted when we think about the important things, make up my mind to take actions. Now every single day. I wake up and have the chance being alive, I'm grateful for that. Life is the story written by ourself, what is more, we need to be humble to recognize that sometimes it's complicated and beyond ours total control. However vicissitudes in life are the colors details in our own story. Choking back tears, upset feelings to move on the pathway of true misson of this life.


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