Friday, November 23, 2018

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day is a day is a time of gratitude. I’m thankful for:

- A good family who cares, listens, and feels;
- Good friends who remember our family in small acts of kindness;
- A very rewarding job that provides a deep well of opportunities to learn about the world;
- Daily moments of wonder and mystery that allow me to reflect on how limited my understanding is of our existence;
- Constant reminders on how I need to be more compassionate for those who struggle beyond my awareness;
- Uncertainty, which keeps me searching for new knowledge instead of just holding on to what is finite and comfortable;
- Animal companions at home who don’t hold grudges and love you no matter how hard your day has been;
- Nature and the mountains where we live, a place where I can hike, run, and soak in solitude and wonder;
- A warm home, something so many people live without in despair;
- The lessons of struggle to humble me;
- Strength to rise each morning;
- Food and clothing;
- Contentment;
- Inner peace;
- Me.
What are you thankful for?


  1. Hi, I'm a vietnamese student. In my country, there are many festivals during the year, many of them are different with your culture, but the most significant and maybe the most important festival in a year is Tet.
    -Tet holiday is the time given for people work apart have chance to get home after long working time.
    -Sharing the the feelings and attaining the sympathy from family members.
    -By the time of hardship and trials upcoming the next year, Tet bring us the motivation and bravery by sound advice from senior in the family.
    -Tet heals all the pain that took place in the old year and paves the new pathway and ideas for next delight year.
    -Through Tet we can also have the chance to enhance our cooking skill by means of handing on cooking foods for rituals and ceremonys. It needs a lot of efforts and serious since the food would be displayed in altar where we rememberance our passed ancestors.

  2. I had an expirience similar to the listening activity personal security, un my case It was at home, but my wife and I didn't be robbed
    I think, we should put extra closed in oír home.


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