Friday, September 28, 2018

Presentation on Death and Grief

I’m on the train right now heading to a conference, and in about two hours, I will be speaking about how death, loss, and grief touch so many lives, including my students who live so far away from their families.
It can be a difficult topic to address, but so many people struggle and want to be understood. Our own son, Josh, died by suicide.
Being ready to sit with someone in their pain and discomfort is the mark of a true friend. I encourage all to be that friend.
Heartache is certainly not limited to death. Illness, abuse, divorce, loss of employment...the list goes on...are all traumatic events.
I will share post a copy of the presentation later this morning.
Here is a listening activity on my site that models possible conversation when someone loses a family member or friend close to them:

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