Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year

Happy New Year's Day, and to start the new year off with a bang, I have created my first listening activity of the new year with the topic of . . . . you guessed it, New Year's Day. Give it a try:


  1. Thanks for your audios.. Randall.. I usually heard them since I decided to improve my listening.. I´m a Literature teacher.. in Guatemala City... Here the New Year is a crazy thing.. people go to bed very late, we are listening loud music, probably dancing, we prepare usually a pork leg or a turkey... but the common food is midnight.. we go to see the fireworks...all the city explodes in lights and celebrations.. we hugh each other, then we open a champagne bottle and make a toast for the new year that begins..

  2. Hi Randall.. I have been listening your audios since many years ago.. they are really helpful.. thanks! about the New Year.. let me tell you that here in Guatemala city we celebrate New Year with fireworks, music, tamales, ponche.. (it´s a hot beverage with fruit pieces) , we eat all the traditional food, the smell of pine plants spread on the floor, the lights of our christmas trees and Nativity scenes.. all these is a combination of our culture. The first of January usually the families eat together, they visit each other and we have two more fireworks moments at 12:00 and at 6.00 pm that mark the first day of the year.

  3. Hi
    I think that the main topic can be " every day is important like new year's day" . In this description, there are some interesting points.
    First of all, the age can affects on our view of life. obviously, younger people enjoy from exciting and new activities. They like to try new experiences especially with their friends. Maybe these experiences form their view for the future of life.
    Second point include that new Years day is just a day like other days. If you decide to change the way of your life in the New Year 's Day into a better way, you must change that in every day that you recognize a better way.
    Third point that i found out is that we must enjoy of simple things in life. We must not wait for special events or things to have a better life.
    I agree with some point of the pattern. Every day is valuable and we must live on it in the best form. And we must know the value of every assets in our life such as health, mind, knowledge, love, job and even other simpler things.
    I think that people need to sometimes have a different activity not to get tired of routine live. Special days make such a chance.


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