Thursday, December 8, 2016

Snow Camping

Camping can be a fun family activity, but it can be double "fun" or cold in the middle of winter. In this video, I talk about a camping trip I went on with my daughter. Give it a try:


  1. For me , camping is so excited to exchange our breath , so if you want to make a plan to snow camping , I think you should go with your friends because when you get out with your friends you will be so happy (for my opinion ) , but not more the time you will be happy for many reasons such as : your friends aren't good . On the other hand , camping is teaching us many things that it will give us more experience about this life such as , how to cook ? How to deal with your problems ? How to break all handicaps .... etc .

  2. In my country, people don't camp for recreation. Instead they often meet their friends or go to the cinemas. I sometimes went camping on the beach with my school when I was in elementary school and middle school. I'm living at Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam, near Phan Thiet city where have a lot of scenic beaches. One of the beaches I want to go camping at is Coco BeachCamp. You can go swimming, diving, kayaking, do yoga, etc. Sometimes , there is someone who can teach you how to draw or macrame for free. And you can borrow a brazier to grill seafood that you buy from fishermen near the beach. The cost for renting brazier is 100.00 VND (about $4,5), and for a tent is only 150.00 VND (about $6,5) per person. Actually, I called to book a room one week ago but there's full for a month. Just waiting for the next holyday.


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