Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day in May

In the United States, Memorial day falls on the final Monday of the month of May. On this day, people remember those who died in military conflict and war in the preservation of our freedoms. In fact, freedom is never free, but we must seek to maintain it. People often go to cemeteries and leave flowers, small token items to remember the departed, and clean the headstone and grave.

The holiday has expanded to now include visiting the graves of any friend or family member who has died, and it can be a time when people reflect on the lives of those who have passed on before them.

For others, it is also a day to kick off the summer season with family gathers and barbecues.

So, do you have a similar holiday in your country? If so, how do people celebrate this day? Share your ideas.



  1. hi,Randall.
    Before today,I remember I have already watched some of your videos.At that time,I just move to Canada,I've quite a difficult time in finding an apartment.'Cause u know,English communication skill.I was so frightened to make a call.Anyway,today because of my lovely esl teacher,join back your team again!Thank you very much for your excellent job!

  2. Well, in Peru we don't have a Memorial Day but we have the Day of the Dead. It's celebrated on November, 2nd. It's a day to remember and pray for all the family member and friends who have died. People go to cemeteries the previous night and spend the whole night there visiting the graves of all their relatives and friends. They pray and lit candles for them. They also sing and sometimes they take their dead beloved ones' favourite food to eat in front of the grave. It's an important holiday, specially in the north of Peru.

  3. Hi,Randall!Thanks for sharing your tradition.I 'm chinese.In china,we have Qingming Festival.It's probably in sping.We can get a day off.We clear and rebiuld grave in Qingming Festival.Most chinese belive in ghost,so we also burn money(not real) and insense for people who passed away and relate to our family.Some people living outside have to return thier's hometown.I think it's out Memorial Day.Thanks a gain!


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