Tuesday, December 11, 2012

English Slang

One of the greatest challenges facing English students is the ability to understand, interpret, and, where appropriate, use idiomatic expressions and slang. This is often due to the face that slang usage is so dependent on the content, your relationship with your conversation partner, and other social cues. Because you can't avoid encountering such language, I created a Web site to help students understand slang more. Give EZSlang.com a try.


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  1. Thanks for this link. Slang is always a contentious issue. Do we teach it in the classroom? Do we integrate it into our lessons? I grapple with the issue of whether it is "real" English? I tell my students language is evolving like everything else in culture and society. We might not like it but if it is being spoken, we have to recognize it if we want to function outside the classroom.


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