Sunday, September 30, 2012

Language Learning and Discipline

Discipline and care are really necessary to learn good habits. In our garden, my wife has apple trees, and you have to shape and prune (cut) the branches carefully so you can enjoy a great harvest. If you don't do this when the tree is young, it will become unmanageable. The same goes with learning. If you don't form good habits early, you won't see the rewards of hard work.

All too often, students procrastinate and don't stay on top of their studies. The same could be said of any aspect of life. But like a tree, it is almost impossible to move or bend the trunk of a tree after a few years unless you pull it out. Forming good habits early in life can help point you in the right direction toward future goals.



  1. I totally agree that we should have and maintain good habits while learning English in order to gradually improve our skills. I'm a self-studying learner of English, and every day I have this habit of thinking in English. I think it has been helping me a lot. But still, I feel like I need to do much more than that to perfect my English skills. What would be your suggestions for me? FYI, I'm a Vietnamese and English is not widely used in my country.

  2. I consider very important to develop good habits, mainly when we study a new language.

    I am Ananias, I'm brazilian.


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