Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Taking Responsibility in Learning

From time to time, students ask me how they can improve their language skills while they seek some magic and easy solution. This is often the case when some students want to enjoy their lives in a new country, but underestimate the difficulty and effort required to make progress. Then, when students start failing classes, they sometimes switch into a reactive mode, often blaming things and people around them. However, when you point the finger and someone else, keep in mind that three of your other fingers (that are held in a fist when you point) are pointing back at you. All too often, students wait too long until it is too late.

I always encourage students to be proactive in their learning. Set goals, follow instructions, ask questions, and keep track of your progress.

Once you realize you are in charge of your own learning, you can make meaningful and measurable progress.


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  1. Randall you highlight some interesting points in your blog. As an educator of ESL adult learners it becomes challenging to motivate them to take responsibility in their learning process. Most of the time what I witness is that student expect the teacher to “give” them everything (spoon feed) per say. What suggestion do you have if any that will help teachers motivate ESL students to take responsibility in their learning outcomes?



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