Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Christmas Season in the United States

Here is a video on how some people celebrate the Christmas season in the United States. Share your experiences about this holiday and discuss whether or not you have a similar day at this time of year. What family traditions to people observe? Are any seasonal foods prepared?


  1. Hi, I am Eunju in Seoul.
    At christmas seoson, we can see lots of Christmas lights on public places, streets, trees, shops and churches, but as for the houses, not many people like to decorate their house with lights. But I myself have put up lights for my house and decorated our enterance gate with Christmas flower Poinsettia. We have not sepcial food for Christmas, but nowdays most people like to buy some wine and cake or chocolates for celebrate with their friends or family. And this seoson, we take care more for poor people, so, on the street, the bell of the Salvation Army charity pot has been righing. In my church, we will have some party on the Chirstmas eve. to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ with neighborhood. Merry Christmas~~

  2. Hello! I'm just want to share that I have been live 4 years in US. When I was in my country I'd celebrate totally diferent. We celebrate of Nativity of Jesus, unfortunately, in this country some people just think on gifts, that's sad. I miss celebrate Christmas in my country and I miss my family there.


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