Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fall Leaves

The fall season in Utah is a beautiful time of year when the leaves change from green to an intense pallet of reds, yellows, and oranges. It is also a great time to run or hike in the mountains, and on one recent trail run with my wife, I took this picture looking down into the valley where we live.


  1. It looks like my city in spring. As a matter of fact, It's spring now but it's kind of cloudy and windy these days. I hope you are doing fine Randall. Hugs from Peru.

  2. I don't like autumn, because it means that the nice time of yeah have ended.
    In my country(Russia) the fall time looks like the same as in your picture. Is that cold and rainy.
    thank you so much for your web-side. He very helps me in study English.
    With love from Russia.

  3. Falling leaves Makes me feel
    That these papers Ended its task
    And its giving for the life of the tree .
    Thus is the case For fall-old In humans .


  4. Nice photograph :)
    It's hard to find the scenery as yours in my town except going out to north of Thailand.

    Ps. sorry for my poor english skills

  5. Great picture!
    Fallin leaves mean 'end'
    but that also mean new 'start'
    I have never seen this kind of pictures in my country.
    My country,Korea,fall times look like your country but not beautiful like that. I really envy of your country's scenery.


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