Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

Recently, my family and I volunteered at the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary near Kanab, Utah, where unwanted, homeless, and abused are nurtured and then placed up for adoption. Here is a video and learning activity on the topic. Do you have similar organizations in your country? If so (or not), tell us about them or the current view on homeless animals in your area.





  1. People in my country have got married less and less. Instead of seeking Mr. or Miss Right, they prefer to own pets. Thus many of my country people try to breed animals like dogs or cats for selling.Doggie or cub is adorable and can be sold easily. But not always all the animals can be sold out. Besides few people have no patient to keep their pets for a long time. The above-mentioned situations have caused two problems that the animal sanctuary is overcrowded or homeless dogs or cats are running on the street. In order to reduce the amount of the homeless dogs or cats authorities have asked all the doggies and cats that have to be implanted with chips. When the homeless dogs on the street get caught, authorities can return them to their owners easily or can punish their owners if the owners intentionally abandon their pets. Besides, authorities train the homeless dogs for farmers who need guard dogs to protect their assets. I hope people can think twice before buying any pet because taking care of animals is a long-term task and also a huge responsibility.


  2. u r doing goood randell................plzz upload videos about teenagers....
    thanxx again

    your student:)


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