Friday, May 13, 2011

Being a "Good" Student

I am about to start teaching a new group of students in two weeks, and once again, I will talk to them about how to be a successful student. On the first day of class at the university, it is not uncommon for some of my students to come completely prepared with a notebook, pencils, and a dictionary. Other students come with a cell phone, but nothing else. What do you think are the characteristics of a "good" student?


  1. The other day I replaced a teacher at university and a st asked, only after five minutes class for the attendence sheet.

    His intention was signing and leaving

    I answered that I would do that later
    Then I asked him if he was feeling well

    In the end , after 1,30 he signed,

    I asked him to do so and add "only for the first period"

    we still had another hour and a half to finish the class.

    Is it lack of manners? lack of knowledge, What to say?

  2. It is not easy to define a good student. However, students' reaction toward their teachers, their friends can partly relfect their studying attitude. For example, in your case, some students do not bring notebooks, pens, etc with them, but they can choose to change the situation by sharing with their classmates rather than stay doing nothing or text. The teachers have right to say something about students' attitude and help them find out solution. However, if students' negative attitudes do not change, then the teachers just regard as they are invisible and save their energy to focus on students with positive or acceptable attitude.

  3. Asking questions...Good students ask questions.

    I've been teaching for 4 years this year, and to me, 'good student' is synonymous with 'engaged.' This means they are active in the lesson (even if just by actively listening) and they demonstrate this with eye contact, volunteering answers, and asking questions.

  4. a good student is disciplined and he/she is really inaterested in learning something. that person does respect other people and try to hhel their classmates

  5. A good student must be prepared for everything they need for their class.Respect to the teacher and classmates,listening if the teacher is talking,participating or volunteering for the activities in school.The teacher's know if the student is really interested to his/her class fo example, student always go to school,very active for everything,doing their assignments,& knows their priorities,limitations during there schooldays.So if the a student shows a good manner in school it means they are also good in their house with the students family.So therefore i will call them as a "GOOD STUDENT".:-)

  6. the student is not interested to learn,maybe the student is just interested in having a new friends in class that's why he still going to the classroom...


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