Friday, January 14, 2011

Anta Entertainment Sells Online Content Illegally

Since my Web site ( opened in 1998, I have licensed my materials on a number of occasions to companies and educational institutions for commercial and non-commercial purposes under formal agreements. Such organizations have come up with innovative ways of using the materials in their products and services.

Unfortunately, there also have been times that people have illegally copied and profited financially from my work and have completed ignored and disregarded my Terms of Use, and a link to these terms appears on every page of my Web sites ( When copyright issues come up (which they have a number of times), I try very hard to work with the individuals or companies to come to a friendly resolution. Unfortunately, there are times when many people are affected, including students and teachers, from very deceptive practices, and in such cases, I feel I should address these things openly.

One such example has been an iPhone app called ListenIN Pro by Anta Entertainment. You can read my complete report at:


  1. just found some of your sites and I think they are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for all the useful material for ESL teachers like myself! You're doing a great job! I'll try to explore more. :D

  2. terrible, we have a relationship with you should check out their opportunity with the NYFA

  3. I have always studied using your websites. Your websites are the best materials for language learners ever. I can't thank you enough!!
    We know how hard and eagerly you have created those websites. So I was also shocked to hear that some companies used your content illegally. You must be shocked and mad toward them, but please be proud of yourself to help many people in English. In addition to it, you give us a lot of courage to keep on studying. I swear that I could improve my English for the sake of you and your websites. Many thanks and I wish you good luck.

  4. You really have some great sites:)

  5. Hello Randall
    It's really unprofessionall what this company Anta Entertainment did to you.I liked very much the way you expressed your views about it, very nice and pedagogical. I hoppe you have alread got good results if not I'm sure it'll happen soon. Good luck with it! I'll hold my eyes oppen here in Sweden in case I hear or see something about this company or something.

    Claudete Sundin


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