Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Party Invitations: New Listening Activity

One of the more ackward occasions for international students is being invited and attending a social event without having a clue as to what to say, wear, or bring. In my newest listening activity, I describe a somewhat humourous party, and although not real in content, students should be able to find valuable expressions on describing people and carrying on small  talk.

- http://esl-lab.com/partyinvitations/partyinvitationsrd1.htm


  1. adressing in such kind of party is litle bit dificult if we dont know many friends who we have already known before. Thus we make sure that who will be invited on that occasion. In addition the important thing is let you know what kind of party it will be? At least you are going to prepare what are you gonna talk...cheerss

  2. Always nice stuff here:) I like to send my students for homework. This would be a good one for a clothes unit or a get-to-know-you unit. Thanks!


  3. When we are being invited to party or some social events, we should try to get what kind of content for party. Then preparing clothes and other relation things. Bring self-confident smile. As international students should read some book about social skill,and the proprieties knoweledge of different countries. If you are a new memeber,don't know how to do and say, then keep your sweet smile and follow other people.


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