Monday, June 1, 2009

Favorite Song: What's the Message?

Music and song provide enjoyment to people for various reasons. For some, it's an escape or just a way to relax from the tensions of the day. For other people, music provides a soothing way of relaxing and even reflecting on the meaning of life. Personally, I gravitate towards music that has some didactic or practical lesson of life---something that teaches me about some aspect of life.

One song I enjoy is from the Pixar movie, Cars, by Brad Paisley. The song, Find Yourself, is about finding out who you are. Many times, you only discover who you really are when you get lost and find yourself in difficult situations. Discovering the meaning of life often doesn't happen during times of comfort and convenience.

For me, I have learned more about myself in times of great difficulty or during times of emotional struggles. Someone once said: "Smooth seas never made skilled sailors." As it turns out, no one will escape this life without disappointments and unexpected loses. The trick is to enjoy life in spite of challenges.

Now, share your favorite song and tell us what it means to you.



  1. “You’ll be in my heart” by Phil Collins, from the cartoon movie Tarzan, is one of my favorite. It’s about love, tenderness and confidence. I feel touched by this song every time I listen to it. The melody, the lyrics and the singer’s voice get me calm and caring.
    I keep thinking about all the people who don’t have someone they can put their trust in, and also it’s an appropriate song to date and fall in love...

  2. Music has played an important role in my life. I've learned a lot about the world and myself by listening to music and reading the lyrics of my favorite singer's/bands' songs. I believe music and literature are two great sources of information. Of course, as in everything in life, the message behind every work of art tends to be biased and somehow influenced by external factors such as the historical context itself. My favorite bands: Rage Against the Machine, Living colour, Bad Brains - just to name a few - have all contributed a lot to show ordinary people like me what a political agenda means and also how important it is to read between the lines. In every form of government there's a hidden agenda which favors those in power. Since I believe that language is a means to an end, a personal/political asset - one of the reasons I teach a language is to empower those who have nothing but the ability to speak and ultimately speak for themselves.

  3. My favorite song is Musica e’ by Eros Ramazzotti and Andrea Bocelli. This song is in Italian and, even when I don’t understand Italian, I love it. Their voices together are very melodious and strong. For me, this is the kind of song that you listen to it when you are in difficult time and then it marks forever that time. Every time I listen to this song, I elevate myself and think about my life and those things that make you appreciate your life. I can’t help but thank God for every thing He has given to me. This song is surely very meaningful to me.

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  5. When the first time I have understood the meaning of the lyric, melody of one song in my native language, it's really great. Even when I listen to songs in foreign language I don't know, I still feel the message from them through the tune. I love music, I'd like pop, country music, and instrumental music. My favorite singers are Celine Dion, Emi Fujita, Declan,...
    and many famous bands. I can hear music all the day, when I study, cook, do housework... And the best important to me is I can learn language from music.
    So I think I can't live without music. It helps me so much in my life in the past, now and forever.+_+

  6. "When you say nothing at all"

    this song was used from the movie..
    "Nothing Hill"
    i really appreciate this song not just by the message of the song but as well as the melody of it.
    and because of that, i prefer to dedicate this song to my girlfriend because i also want her to appreciate my favorite song.

  7. Music is an art, i think its helps you to remain calm and relax.
    A great song listened in the right moment can change your life.
    One of my favorite is It's my life by Bon Jovi, from the Crush Album


  8. Music, music... may I say 'I cant leave without music' ? Can you believe it? Currently, while writing these text, I am also listening to music. The song is 'Take me to your heart' by Michael Learns To Rock. What a lovely and beautiful song. Everytime I listen to it, I feel happiness and automatically throw the sadness far away. Let's listen. You will find a magic :)

  9. "On the Coast of Somewhere Beautiful" by Kenny Chesney. It's a country song. This song means a lot for me. It's so meaningful for us, for me and James my fiance.
    The song is about a woman who is living in a very far place. It's like referring to me about this woman on that song. While James is in the other side of the world. I'm here in the Philippines, a country known as the Pearl of the Orient Sea. Surrounded by the sea.
    Life is hard without my James, and before he came here to visit me. All he got is my picture which I sent to him on email. We met each other on the net. Like what the song said, "All I got is her picture she mailed me...." So, the song refers to me. Like what he said-- I'm in the Coast of Somewhere Beautiful"...


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