Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Friendship: What does it mean to you?

Having good friends is important in life, but what do you think are the qualities in a good friend? I mean, what does this person do or say in order to be and remain your friend? Personally, I feel that a friend is a person who listens to your ideas, concerns, fears, and questions without passing judgement on them or even giving you advice. In fact, most people don't necessarily want their friends to solve all their problems, but simply to listen and validate their concerns. A good friend is also a person who recognizes when they don't have answers and can suggest to others when they might need professional help from a therapist or advisor.

So, what qualities do you look for in a friend? Share your ideas.


  1. A friend, I believe, is a person who shows you through his/her actions that you can trust him/her. A friend doesn't necessarily pass judgement on everything you do but s/he is expected to warn you about the things s/he thinks may bring you trouble. Once a poet whose name I don't remember now said that a friend is a single soul divided into two bodies.

  2. Friendship makes me feel younger than my real age.
    Friendship helps me to release my stress, brings me smiles.
    Friendship is very precious relation to me

  3. In an America Indian saying, 'A friend:a person who carries my sadness on his or her back'. I think a friend is a person who share mutual feelings even if it is so minor as well as my sadness. Though I felt blue on day, once seeing my true friends, I am so happy and smiles on my face.
    I regard a friend as a treasure. If I lost all of my friends, I might be carzy. A friend is indispensable thing in my life.

  4. I think friends is the one who is not divided by blood of the family.
    Friends always listen to me and solve the problem each other without any strings attached.
    Whenever I have in trouble to do something, they always come runnning to me and will be advisor.
    When I was a student for new examination, my friend and I spent almost one year together.
    That times so tough that we used to get tired easily. Whenever we having in trouble, we get through a hardship together.
    Although we were not satisfied with results, we never has been foget that times.
    That times make our friendship more strong and make us more mature.

    Have you also had a friend who is spent hard times together?
    If you had one, you knew this friend is priceless one.
    Call your friends and thank them, right now!

  5. Friends and family become more and more important as one gets older. You look forward to seeing them or speaking with them. You like to tell them about the positive things in your life and to hear about the good things they are doing. You wish the best for them, and they are glad when they hear you are doing well, also.

  6. I think everybody must have a really frienship. because everybody need a person for speaking and sharing.ı have got a lot of best friend . this is very nice...I love them... ı advice to everybody.

  7. Friendship for me is not on how you help him in times of his needs but it is on how you will be on his side even in the happiest moment on his life. It is a thing that we must know in looking for a friend.

  8. Friend ship means ALOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT to me i never want my friends to lie to me because i hate lieng and but i love my friends and i would do anything for them if i can do it. but i expect them to not lie and to not have 2 side.

  9. A friend is the one who can give you advice when you are in a mess. A real friend doesn't need to contact a lot, but always say hello on special days. There is an old saying " a friend in need is a friend indeed."

  10. I think a friend is the one who can give you advice and make you feel ease when you are in a mess. A real friend doesn't need to contact a lot, but always say hell on special days. there is an old saying " A friend in need is a friend indeed."


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