Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Time Machine: Where would you go?

If you had a machine that could take you back to one specific point in the past, where would you want to go and why? Personally, this would be a difficult decision to make, but one point in time I would like to visit is a place called Grand Gulch in Utah, USA. This is the location of many old indian ruins abandoned hundreds of years ago. Because I like hiking and old civilizations, I would be interested to go back and time and learn about these times and people directly from them. What did they eat? How did they live day to day? Why did they leave the area? You can learn more by visiting this link: Grand Gulch at


  1. It would be the Ankor Wat, Cambodia. I would like to go back there when it was building becuase I want to see how they transported and cut stones to build such a huge construction. It is very amazing that they could build it without any hi-technology equipment. I also want to know what people usually did when they came to the Ankor Wat in the past. I think there would be many ceremonies and traditional events in that area. It would be fun if I could go back there.

  2. I would have gone to Norway, visited the vikings and to Ancient Egypt to see the pyramides.


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