Monday, February 11, 2008

Community Recycling: What can we do?

Protecting our plant and recycling have become important issues in our world, and encouraging everyone to help can make a big difference. Of course, local and national government support, in addition to business, are key, but we need to get everyone involved. Personally, we collect all our newspapers and take them to a local school where this is a recycling collection box. We also use our used copy paper for many other art projects a home. Every little act helps.

So, what about people in your local communities? What is being done (or could be done) to save our planet's limited resources? Share your ideas and experiences.



  1. My local community knows very little about recycling. I believe that, first, people should be educated to care for the environment and also be taught how to collect and select garbage that can be recycled. Second, the government should provide the community with special recycling/trash cans so that the community don't put everything together. And, finally,people should be taught how to make good use of things which , at first glance, seem to be useless. This will surely prevent people from getting rid of these "so-called" unecessary things and polluting the environment.

  2. I think it is a great idea to save Earth in my local community we always try to get some more people to help now we start to Recycle the clothes, news paper, magzines, plastic cans, and also aluminum cans we are ting our best to save the Earth.

  3. as far as i am concerned, i would recommend not to use cars as possible. 'cause it would accelerate the climate changes and it would be very disastrous for the next generations! they won't be able to have the necessary items to feed themselves etc
    so prefer riding or cycling to driving would be very helpful. switch off your machines if you don't use them etc
    a solution to fight pollution and to be part of the community recycling and so to be ecolo in a way, is to develop solar energy.


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