Thursday, October 18, 2007

School Uniforms: Are they in everyone's best interest?

Throughout many parts of the world, elementary school students are required to wear some form of uniform to school, and many state that it provides stability and order in a classroom enviroment. On the other hand, some might say that it limits students' freedom of expression. From my poll on the subject, 75% seem to favor uniforms. Now is you chance to share your written opinions on the topic. Comment on your experiences on the topic and share what is common in your part of the world. Randall


  1. When we view a phenomenon , it always has different angles of viewpoints. For reasons to focus on schoolwork, I prefer students wearing uniforms to spending time on dressing.In Taiwan, there's an improvement that many schools allow students to wear things they like on Fridays. Some may feel bored of wearing the nothing-exciting uniform. I don't think I need uniform to stimulate my motivation of study. Uniform issue could be that simple, there's no need to complicate it with other seeming opinions to satisfy certain needs.

  2. When I was in the high school, we were not required to wear uniforms everyday except Monday. So almost all the students would spend quite a lot time considering what to wear every morning. It is time-consuming and just stimulates us to compete the wearing, which is bad for our studies and growth.


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