Saturday, January 12, 2019

A New Year - 2019

Now that we have entered into the new year, I am interested in hearing what plans people have for 2019. For me personally, I hope to find meaning in every small thing I do and seek ways on helping friends, family, colleagues, and students in their challenges and new experiences.

Enjoy 2019!


  1. have a wonderful 2019...

  2. Firsty , i hope that you can complete to plan seek meaning from every small you do and helping onther people in 2019 . For me 2019 will challenge and chance because I want to accomplish 6.5 Ielts and improve speaking E . It help me to communicate well with native speaker and i can understand everything when i listen english . Besides i want to visit many famous destination and explore new culture , people . traditional food in the world, In my opinion it way both learn and expand relative . specially the same ideal randall i want to help and support i will meet in my life. it is purpose life of me ( i hope everyone can help me to improve writing skill - thanks you so much)

  3. This year, I am gonna try my best to find out my mission of life. I also want to take part in volunteer activities as much as possible, so that I can help other people.
    Anw, thank you so much for your website, i learn many of things from it. I hope you have a happy 2019!!

  4. I am mastering my ESL blog this year. I see you don't have to. Great job.

  5. Oh what beautiful and inspiring words, although the year has already advanced a little, I hope that the next year will go better than what has gone, in school, specially in English, I also want what is left over this year to be very productive, educationally and emotionally, I am very happy for this new year, it is a new opportunity to be better people and improve ourselves, also to take care of our planet, recently I heard a song called "Earth" is about our planet and the damage we do to it, that is why I intend to take care of it, you can search it on YouTube, finally I want this year to be one of the best.

  6. These look great .I love the idea.Good luck with it.
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