Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Being Real

All too often, and because of the fear of appearing inadequate, we run around pretending to be someone we were never meant to be. Embracing our true selves can be the key to greater inner peace.
In this conversation on my site, we see a classic example of this in which I play the role of a guy who is afraid to be authentic and hides behind an image of what he wants to be.
Enjoy. I think the guy eventually figures this out:

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  1. Nowadays it is very common, we have fake people around all places we go.Unfortunately it is bad to see, and the only person that can change it, it is the own person that is not being himself/herself.
    I feel sad when I see something like it, I try to give my opinion but it is very hard to change people's mind! Life is short, enjoy it being you every day!


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