Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Sleeping Problems

From time to time, I have students that tend to fall asleep in class, but I realize there are many causes for this. At times, students are struggling with homesickness and can't get
their families of their minds; on other occasions, they are still adjusting to life in a new country. Yet, other times, students are just staying up to late with friends.
Listen to this conversation, my daughter and I play the role of a brother and sister. Give it a try:


  1. I almost never have sleeping problems! I probable need more time to sleep since I've been preparing diligently for college entrance exam! Overall, I enjoy taking all your listening practice. They are so helpful and fun!

  2. Hello Randall, I am happy listening your audios and watching your videos. Thank you for your job. People like me, who live in a Spanish environment need your help.

  3. Hello, I study english in your site everyday, thanks for your work SIR

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