Thursday, July 2, 2015

Suicide Prevention

In 2012, our son, Joshua, died by suicide (see, and we know that so many people around the world have known family or friends who have ended their lives. To provide help and open discussion, I created listening activity (Suicide Prevention). Feel to share your thoughts and comments on these questions:

  • What are some of the reasons why people consider taking their own lives? 
  • What are some warning signs of suicide?
  • What are three things friends and family can do to help someone who might are thinking about suicide?


Samantha Minda said...

What are some of the reasons why people consider taking their own lives?
It can be caused for familiar or social problems.

What are some warning signs of suicide?
The people who think in comite suicide can post on Facebook about their problems and some strange thoughts about life and death.

Anonymous said...

did you consider that the Jhon´s suicide can prenventioned with a better familiar relationship??

do you consider that you have a disfuntional family or the Jhons case is completely different for the family?


Randall Davis said...

The reasons why people take their own lives can be very complex, and I encourage people to take a look at my son's Web site to learn more about it:


Anonymous said...

I think I have dysthymia and I want to talk about this with somebody; but I'm afraid that people is not going to believe me and they'll think that is an excuse for not doing something like hanging out with friends, not having a couple or that kind of social thing.
Could you please tell me what should I do?

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