Saturday, March 8, 2014

Smart Phones

A common topic of discussion is the use of cell phones in our daily lives. In my newest listening activity, meet a young man who has an interesting perspective on cell phones and why he wants one. Do you know anyone like him? Enjoy:

What are your thoughts on the topic? Is a cell phone a necessity in today's life for all people? How about children under 10 years old? Should teenagers pay some of the expense?  Share your ideas.


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  2. The cell phone is a necessary device because the phone enables people to connect with other, check their appointments and email messages and check the weather. Also, the person can download a lot of benefit applications such as English learning applications and more.
    I think the appropriate age to for a child to have phone is fifteen. Parents must track their children's phone. In addition the children should pay more than 25% of the bill.

    *Please tell me if there is any mistake.(thanks)

  3. I think then the smart phones are very important in this century and i want someone too :(


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