Friday, October 11, 2013

Homestay in the USA (

Do you want to SMILE a little? My newest video activity is on homestay experiences, but this video is CERTAINLY different than any other I have created. I am experimenting with video puppet shows, and in this one, you hear my voice AND see me sleeping on the sofa as the unusual roommate. Tell me if you think these are useful. I might create more.



  1. Great video Randall, thanks!!

  2. Hi, Randall! This is such a cute video. This really made my day. This would be perfect for my ESL kids. Thanks for posting.

  3. Hello,Randall!Thank you for everything you do ! It's so important for those who are not native speakers. The situations you create as well as words from your texts are close-to-life, common for English speakers but unfortunately rarely met in English text-books. As to this very video it shows that learning is not only hard work but can be a lot of fun too.


Thanks for posting a comment. I appreciate your interesting in sharing your ideas.



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