Saturday, July 27, 2013

Viewing Content on Smart Phones

With the growing use of Smart phones and other portable devices, more and more people are accessing the Internet this way instead of computers. With this in mind, and I have just finished making changes to 175+ listening activities on, so you can view/listen to my content just about anywhere. Enjoy! Randall


TEFL Iberia said...

Good work! Love your stuff, particularily for our lower level students. I use my smart phone for as many listening exercises as possible to avoid having to carry my laptop.

Is there a Randall's Cafe App yet? If not, there should be!

Randall Davis said...

Thanks for your comment. No, there isn't a Randall's app yet, but there might be a possibility in the future.


nataliya said...

Thank you for making your content available for smart phones. My students enjoy listening to stories from your site.

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