Monday, August 22, 2011

Dog Agility Training

Is it possible to teach a pet to do tricks? In this video, I discuss how I train my family's dogs to do different things through an agility course. Take a look at this video. I have been working our dogs to help them become more obedient and to make them better dogs when I go hiking or running. It's not difficult to do, but you have to put in a lot of time and have a lot of patience.



joochehm said...

exlent posted, because i love my dog, itñ s a different way to do diferents things but how i can do my dog do those tricks, he obeys me, but i believe that my dog do it. In the other hand should begin to set the circuit and try it and see some video about dog´s training.

jose david - colombia

joochehm said...

exelent, video, i love the dogs. i have a dog his name is troy. But i thinks that training it´s dificults with dog don´t have any trainin before. i think first i have to make circuits training, see some videos, patient and practice some day per week.

jose david - colombia

Richie said...

The video is so amazing. I can't believe your dog has not only followed your instructions but also accomplished all the actions so precisely. I had a dog about 25 years ago as well. It is total different from yours and had its own personality. Therefore it never followed my instructions. Besides it was very smart because it knew how to open the gate of the cage. When I was out, it always slipped out and slept on my bed. I really miss it until now.

Anonymous said...

I do believe one can train a doggy to do some tricks, because dog is a kind of obedient animal; But I really wanna know how to teach a cat to do that? I love cats, but you know cats are solitary and naughty, and the worse is when you want to see them, you even do not know where are they in your house!

Paula said...

Congratulations!!! I'd love if I could do the same with all of my 5 dogs hehe

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